15:01:03 <morgan_orange> #startmeeting weekly test op meeting Sept 17
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15:01:12 <morgan_orange> #info Morgan Richomme
15:01:16 <anac1> #info Ana Cunha
15:01:31 <morgan_orange> #topic dashboard
15:01:50 <anac1> #info yardstick preparing for a trial
15:01:57 <morgan_orange> #info I hope I could commit soon (planned for 2 or 3 days but too many meetings... :)
15:02:06 <anac1> #info working on last code changes
15:02:15 <anac1> yes, too many meetings, agree
15:02:16 <morgan_orange> #info LF started a Sprint for PoC
15:02:30 <morgan_orange> #info I will but Qi lan as reviewer for dashbaord scripts
15:02:52 <morgan_orange> what kind of trial,
15:02:54 <morgan_orange> ?
15:03:08 <anac1> #action morgan_orange to add Qi Ling as reviewer to dashboard scripts
15:03:22 <anac1> trial on one or two of yardstick test cases
15:03:22 <morgan_orange> oups sorry that is what I had in mind, wrong name
15:03:38 <anac1> np
15:04:00 <anac1> test case with graphs as output, to check it works for us
15:04:02 <morgan_orange> but i will put in in review, and we could try a first testcase reporting
15:04:08 <anac1> yes
15:04:13 <morgan_orange> there are open task on the API, (parameters are missing)
15:04:18 <morgan_orange> but we can already start
15:04:31 <anac1> we can use what you have and build on it
15:04:34 <morgan_orange> and for information vPing on foreman installer lasts 120s and 80s with fuel installer
15:04:45 <morgan_orange> stupid test but surprising result
15:04:49 <anac1> yes
15:04:51 <morgan_orange> probably a misconfiguration
15:04:56 <anac1> sure?
15:05:05 <morgan_orange> no
15:05:12 <morgan_orange> but it is systematic
15:05:26 <morgan_orange> assuming that it is the same hardware and the same test suite...
15:05:36 <anac1> btw, we are installed in 4 community labs, can try different hw
15:05:37 <morgan_orange> I imagine it could be the OPNFV config
15:05:43 <morgan_orange> I have to discuss with redhat team
15:05:51 <anac1> yes, odd
15:06:14 <morgan_orange> #topic change time to include Qtip in ops team
15:06:24 <anac1> what is the proposed time?
15:06:38 <morgan_orange> just before the weekly meeting?
15:06:46 <morgan_orange> 15 minutes?
15:06:50 <anac1> i attend the tech discuss
15:06:55 <morgan_orange> we may ask qtip
15:07:03 <anac1> friday?
15:07:13 <morgan_orange> ok for me (not too late)
15:07:33 <anac1> me too (say 15 CEST?)
15:07:39 <morgan_orange> #info qtip meeting and tests ops are overlapping
15:07:44 <anac1> 15 minutes?
15:07:52 <morgan_orange> #info new timeslot to be found
15:08:03 <morgan_orange> #info proposal Friday 15 CEST (15')
15:08:07 <morgan_orange> fine for me
15:08:32 <morgan_orange> the question of the weekly meeting at 2 PM UTC is also a problem for Asian contributor, no?
15:08:45 <anac1> yes, we need to alternate
15:09:14 <morgan_orange> #action trevor alternate test weekly meeting timeslot needed to involve Asian contributors
15:09:25 <anac1> agree !
15:09:35 <morgan_orange> #topic summit
15:09:44 <morgan_orange> I saw your mail but did not find time to answer
15:09:50 <anac1> no hurry
15:09:54 <morgan_orange> ok cool
15:10:05 <anac1> #info presentation need to be ready by october 30th
15:10:11 <morgan_orange> #info syncrho to be planned after SR1
15:10:18 <anac1> i need your help on the summit
15:10:18 <morgan_orange> you will be in Düsseldorf?
15:10:25 <anac1> not sure yet
15:10:34 <morgan_orange> I will not, but my manager will be
15:11:00 <anac1> anything specific in mind?
15:11:08 <morgan_orange> no
15:11:16 <anac1> ok
15:11:25 <anac1> testing documentation
15:11:26 <morgan_orange> I try to commit and involve Qi Ling
15:11:31 <anac1> ok
15:11:38 <morgan_orange> #topic testing documentation
15:12:01 <anac1> #info testing projects need to agree on document deliverables
15:12:22 <morgan_orange> yes
15:12:31 <anac1> check chris' email on this topic
15:12:39 <anac1> perhaps we can discuss next thursday?
15:12:53 <morgan_orange> ok
15:13:18 <morgan_orange> I think it could be a test.rst (as we used to have functest http://artifacts.opnfv.org/functest/docs/functest.pdf) with automatic retrieval of testcases from the APIs..
15:13:22 <morgan_orange> and maybe some statisctics
15:13:29 <morgan_orange> but let's discuss next week
15:13:33 <anac1> yes
15:13:53 <morgan_orange> ok stop the meeting for today (and go to work :))
15:13:56 <anac1> nothing else from me for today
15:14:03 <morgan_orange> #endmeeting