08:04:53 <jose_lausuch> #startmeeting Functest weekly meeting February 16th
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08:04:59 <jose_lausuch> let's get started
08:05:03 <jose_lausuch> sorry for the late
08:05:09 <juhak> #info Juha Kosonen
08:05:13 <jose_lausuch> #info Jose Lausuch
08:05:37 <jose_lausuch> please info your names
08:06:19 <jose_lausuch> viktor_nokia: are you there?
08:06:51 <juhak> Viktor might join later
08:06:58 <jose_lausuch> ok
08:07:05 <jose_lausuch> #topic action points follow-up
08:07:16 <jose_lausuch> #info previous minutes http://ircbot.wl.linuxfoundation.org/meetings/opnfv-testperf/2016/opnfv-testperf.2016-02-09-08.00.html
08:08:11 <jose_lausuch> #info jose_lausuch AP1: vPing troubleshooting on remaining failed scenario: still ongoing, troubleshooting done on Apex installer, where it fails, for the other scenarios with ODL-L3 looks good
08:08:31 <jose_lausuch> #info jose_lausuch AP2: jose_lausuch create a summary at the end of rally run. DONE.
08:08:43 <jose_lausuch> #info juhak AP1: patch for heat to use good ext network (all the installers have different names)
08:08:45 <jose_lausuch> any words?
08:08:49 <viktor_nokia> jose_lausuch: hi
08:08:50 <jose_lausuch> you can info yourself :)
08:08:53 <jose_lausuch> hi viktor_nokia
08:09:06 <juhak> done, https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/9625/
08:09:24 <viktor_nokia> #info Viktor Tikkanen
08:09:26 <jose_lausuch> #info DONE: https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/9625/
08:09:42 <jose_lausuch> #info juhak AP2:  exclude 3 test cases related to live migration and document in the user guide ....
08:09:58 <juhak> done, https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/9867/
08:10:08 <jose_lausuch> you can use #info too :)
08:10:52 <jose_lausuch> #info DONE:  https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/9867/
08:10:57 <jose_lausuch> good work
08:11:07 <jose_lausuch> I've seen results now that are almost 100% successful
08:11:24 <juhak> that's great
08:11:57 <jose_lausuch> #info morgan_orange: config of gsutils not correct on Orange POD 2 ... there is an ongoing discussion about if we should enable that on non CI PODs... for orange-pod2 to be discussed with trevor
08:12:46 <jose_lausuch> #info pending patch to avoid pushing if the POD is not a CI POD : https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/10025/
08:13:13 <jose_lausuch> #info morgan_orange AP2:  test workaround no parrallel on apex/LF POD1
08:13:19 <jose_lausuch> I think he did it, right viktor_nokia ?
08:13:24 <jose_lausuch> you came up with the --serial option
08:13:51 <jose_lausuch> #info --serial argument added to run_functest to run tempest in serial instead of parallel.
08:13:55 <jose_lausuch> can you comment more on this?
08:14:17 <viktor_nokia> I'm not sure if I've seen results from Apex with "no parallel"
08:14:36 <jose_lausuch> viktor_nokia: Apex is a bit stopped at the momment, we dont have recent results
08:14:43 <jose_lausuch> they are having issues with external netowkr
08:14:46 <jose_lausuch> hopefully its fixed today
08:15:05 <viktor_nokia> I will check latest results today
08:15:23 <jose_lausuch> ok
08:15:26 <viktor_nokia> but they are probably with --parallel
08:15:57 <jose_lausuch> yep, we will see hopefully end of today
08:15:58 <jose_lausuch> #info morgan_orange AP3: troubleshoot ODL scenario to better undestand the difference of errors. Not sure of the progress here.. maybe he can comment next week
08:16:32 <viktor_nokia> One possible explanation is that ODL concurrency problems cause worker deadlocks or something
08:16:46 <viktor_nokia> but this is only my theory...
08:18:10 <jose_lausuch> ok
08:18:41 <jose_lausuch> #info morgan_orange AP4: based on this summary pushed in DB add rally in dashboard. DONE
08:18:56 <jose_lausuch> #info viktor_nokia AP1: troubleshooting Tempest, with at least access to logs on the artifact
08:19:07 <jose_lausuch> can you comment? I think you are doing very good analysis :)
08:19:39 <viktor_nokia> the results are now available on artifacts
08:19:47 <jose_lausuch> yes
08:19:51 <jose_lausuch> but not from some pods
08:19:52 <jose_lausuch> like intel
08:20:00 <viktor_nokia> I've checked fuel and apex scenarios
08:20:02 <jose_lausuch> we are having very bad results on intel pod 5 with joid
08:20:08 <jose_lausuch> but they are not pushed to artifacts
08:20:12 <jose_lausuch> because the jjob timesout...
08:20:18 <jose_lausuch> something is broken there
08:20:25 <viktor_nokia> see https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/FUNCTEST-136 and https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/FUNCTEST-137
08:21:05 <jose_lausuch> #info  https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/FUNCTEST-136 and https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/FUNCTEST-137 to track the tempest progress
08:21:14 <jose_lausuch> btw
08:21:27 <jose_lausuch> viktor_nokia: I will try today to increase the public subnet range on fuel
08:21:32 <viktor_nokia> ok
08:21:34 <jose_lausuch> to see if we get rid of those erros you mentioned
08:21:39 <jose_lausuch> we will try first virtual
08:22:03 <jose_lausuch> I'll let you know
08:22:12 <viktor_nokia> any news about floating IP connectivity with apex?
08:22:38 <jose_lausuch> nope, Dan said yesterday he would be have ready the external network issue
08:23:06 <jose_lausuch> there is no ran job since then
08:23:14 <jose_lausuch> so I dont know, we'll have to ask him
08:23:25 <viktor_nokia> I see
08:23:49 <jose_lausuch> next topic
08:24:00 <jose_lausuch> something happens with the wiki and I couldnt post the agenda...
08:24:04 <jose_lausuch> cannot edit
08:24:19 <jose_lausuch> #topic Release B
08:24:22 <viktor_nokia> There were problems with spammers there
08:24:40 <jose_lausuch> #info B release date 25th Feb (next week)
08:25:11 <jose_lausuch> #info the move to ODL Be give in general better results than Li
08:25:45 <jose_lausuch> #info new Dashboard look: http://testresults.opnfv.org/dashboard/
08:26:08 <jose_lausuch> only for functest, for other projects we should use the Dashboard provided by LF
08:26:44 <viktor_nokia> Not bad :)
08:26:51 <jose_lausuch> #info almost perfect results for Compass installer
08:27:06 <jose_lausuch> #info https://build.opnfv.org/ci/view/functest/job/functest-compass-huawei-us-deploy-bare-1-daily-brahmaputra/
08:28:11 <viktor_nokia> how about those onos related failures?
08:28:25 <jose_lausuch> #info for joid, almost perfect results on orange pod2, but its not an "official" CI POD .. so we should rely on intel-pod5 in theory, but the results there are so bad..and I think they are due to some pod missconfiguration or something
08:28:29 <jose_lausuch> ya
08:28:34 <jose_lausuch> viktor_nokia: you mean tempest failures?
08:28:43 <viktor_nokia> Yes. Is it a feature?
08:28:54 <jose_lausuch> can you info the log?
08:29:20 <viktor_nokia> need to get it from somewhere...
08:30:12 <viktor_nokia> just a second...
08:30:13 <jose_lausuch> http://artifacts.opnfv.org/logs/functest/huawei-us-deploy-bare-1/brahmaputra/2016-02-16_06-09-04/brahmaputra/tempest/tempest.log
08:30:54 <jose_lausuch> that is the latest i think
08:31:05 <viktor_nokia> #info 10 tempest cases fail always with os-onos-nofeature-ha scenario in compass
08:31:36 <jose_lausuch> and iun the other scenarios? odl?
08:31:56 <viktor_nokia> #info One theory is that this is because "user data" is not supported there
08:32:42 <jose_lausuch> #info what solution can we propose?
08:33:35 <jose_lausuch> #info tempest 0 failures in compass when using ODL scenario, but those 10-11 errors for ONOS
08:33:47 <jose_lausuch> #undo
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08:33:50 <jose_lausuch> #undo
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08:33:57 <jose_lausuch> #info tempest 0 failures in compass when using ODL scenario, but those 10-11 errors for ONOS scenario
08:34:23 <jose_lausuch> I think documenting it is enough...
08:34:30 <jose_lausuch> we cannot do magic at this time
08:35:06 <viktor_nokia> We need to check it with onos experts, this could be quite a critical gap...
08:35:31 <jose_lausuch> shall I AP you?
08:35:35 <viktor_nokia> OK
08:36:19 <jose_lausuch> #action viktor_nokia: check with ONOS experts the failed tempest results, probably due to user-data support
08:36:20 <jose_lausuch> thanks
08:36:35 <viktor_nokia> Zhanghaoyu: ping
08:37:45 <jose_lausuch> #fuel almost green, but need to see if the dea.yaml change to increase the subnet IP range fixes the Tempest failed test cases
08:38:04 <jose_lausuch> #info almost green, but need to see if the dea.yaml change to increase the subnet IP range fixes the Tempest failed test cases
08:38:11 <jose_lausuch> #undo
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08:38:18 <jose_lausuch> #info fuel: almost green, but need to see if the dea.yaml change to increase the subnet IP range fixes the Tempest failed test cases
08:38:52 <jose_lausuch> #info apex: installer not stable, problems with external network creating. To be tested again today onwards.
08:39:19 <jose_lausuch> #info summary of all the tests/scenario/installers here: https://wiki.opnfv.org/functextnexttaks
08:40:35 <jose_lausuch> ok, shall we move on?
08:40:48 <viktor_nokia> yep
08:41:18 <jose_lausuch> #topic Functest meeting in Helsinki
08:41:33 <jose_lausuch> viktor_nokia: juhak: we confirm the date to 30th March?
08:41:39 <viktor_nokia> yes
08:42:12 <jose_lausuch> #info date 30th March in Espoo, Finland
08:42:45 <jose_lausuch> #info the number of places is limited to 15, but contact viktor_nokia or juhak for more details
08:43:02 <viktor_nokia> #info Topics to be discussed: https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/functest_release_C
08:43:04 <jose_lausuch> #info anyone is invited, the goal is to decide the Release C Functest goals and milestones
08:43:05 <raghavendrachari> any webinar planned ?
08:43:22 <viktor_nokia> what??
08:43:27 <jose_lausuch> viktor_nokia: juhak is it possible to arrange that?
08:43:41 <jose_lausuch> some online meeting?
08:44:01 <raghavendrachari> yeah
08:44:20 <viktor_nokia> We need to check available equipment in sauna premises
08:44:24 <viktor_nokia> :)
08:44:32 <raghavendrachari> ok
08:45:22 <jose_lausuch> I think we'll have some good discussions
08:45:40 <viktor_nokia> We will inform ASAP about on-line discussion possibilities
08:45:49 <jose_lausuch> #info anyone who cannot attend, can post also the ideas in the etherpad or by email, we will discuss it for sure
08:46:24 <jose_lausuch> good
08:46:35 <jose_lausuch> please keep us updated for any news
08:46:44 <viktor_nokia> sure
08:46:45 <jose_lausuch> I will try to  book my flight this week or max next week
08:47:29 <jose_lausuch> anything else to discuss?
08:47:33 <jose_lausuch> #topic Berlin
08:47:42 <jose_lausuch> #info feel free everyone to post a presentation
08:47:44 <Serena-zte> too far to present, I hope webinar will be ok
08:47:46 <jose_lausuch> I will :)
08:48:25 <jose_lausuch> Functest has to be well represented in the summit
08:48:47 <jose_lausuch> and we have many more members now
08:49:16 <jose_lausuch> comments?
08:49:49 <viktor_nokia> not from my side...
08:49:57 <jose_lausuch> ok
08:50:09 <jose_lausuch> if noone shouts I will close the meeting :)
08:50:22 <viktor_nokia> countdown...
08:50:28 <jose_lausuch> the final countdown !
08:50:29 <jose_lausuch> :D
08:51:14 <jose_lausuch> #info possible JAM session to be prepared this time for the summit. Any volunteer at the durms/bass/vocals? :)
08:51:44 <Serena-zte> sorry
08:51:44 <viktor_nokia> yuo should ask Morgan :)
08:51:58 <juhak> We Are The Road Crew
08:51:59 <jose_lausuch> we are looking for people :D
08:52:23 <Serena-zte> I'm new to this group, I have a question
08:52:30 <jose_lausuch> juhak: we proposed songs to play for the summit in november https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/jam_session_summit
08:52:34 <jose_lausuch> we ccouldnt make it
08:52:44 <jose_lausuch> Serena-zte: sure, feel free to ask anything
08:52:56 <juhak> jose_lausuch: good!
08:53:15 <Serena-zte> If I found a bug, should I disscuss with any of you first, or should I post a jira task directly?
08:53:27 <jose_lausuch> Serena-zte: a bug where?
08:53:38 <jose_lausuch> ok, let's close the meeting then, and discuss this "offline" :)
08:53:39 <Serena-zte> in prepare_env.sh
08:53:41 <jose_lausuch> #endmeeting