15:02:19 <gabriel_yuyang> #startmeeting Testerf Weekly Call 20180125
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15:05:11 <gabriel_yuyang> #topic Roll Call
15:05:19 <ollivier> #info C├ędric Ollivier
15:05:19 <georgk> #info Georg Kunz
15:05:20 <trevor_intel> #info Trevor Cooper
15:05:34 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Gabriel Yu
15:06:30 <LindaWang> #info Linda Wang
15:06:53 <gabriel_yuyang> #topic Action Item Review
15:08:10 <gabriel_yuyang> #info action item for Jack is closed: Jack check the installer reporting patch and send out email to collect requirements for test resources
15:08:35 <acm> #info Al Morton
15:09:10 <gabriel_yuyang> #topic Requirements collection for long duration CI
15:09:22 <gabriel_yuyang> #link https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/long_duration_ci
15:36:57 <gabriel_yuyang> #topic Testing Strategy for gating releases
15:44:41 <mbeierl> #info Mark Beierl
15:46:39 <mbeierl> ollivier: I'd like to suggest a new functest test as follows: 1) Create a cinder volume 2) attach to VM and boot it 3) log into VM and write data to volume 4) delete VM, but keep volume 5) launch new VM with attached volume 6) log into new VM and read the data to ensure it is persisted
15:48:04 <mbeierl> It would fail on this issue: https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/ARMBAND-316.  The fact that no test right now highlights this issue means we are actually missing coverage there, I think
15:52:30 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Testing strategy for gating the release 1) determine the test cases we could use (Functest runs 5 tiers of tests under each scenario, using all the tiers as the gating test cases set could be a choice); 2) determine the rule for labeling stability level of each scenario (how we can determine the stability level, pass 4 times for level-1? 20 times for level-2? Or simply pass 10 times is stable
15:52:30 <gabriel_yuyang> enough?) 3) producing the stable scenarios set (for installers) 4) code and packages aren't frozen 5)all scenarios are released together
15:52:56 <ollivier> mbeierl: Yes it could be a new testcase. It seems not so difficult.
15:53:33 <gabriel_yuyang> #topic Date of Biterg Training
15:53:36 <mbeierl> ollivier: the only challenge is to make sure the volume is attached as soon as the image starts booting :)
15:53:51 <gabriel_yuyang> #info the training is suggested Feb. 8
15:54:47 <ollivier> mbeierl: It also checks if metadata is well configured.
15:55:02 <mbeierl> ollivier: true!
15:56:00 <gabriel_yuyang> #info David will have meeting with Biterg, please guys send question or requirments to David
15:56:20 <gabriel_yuyang> #agree training will be held on Feb. 8th
15:56:23 <ollivier> mbeierl: if we write/read via cloud-init...ssh could be also considered.
15:57:38 <gabriel_yuyang> #endmeeting