#acumos-meeting: Acumos Community Meeting\

Meeting started by bryan_att at 15:02:37 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Roll Call (bryan_att, 15:02:55)
    1. Michael Rooke, Nokia. (NokMikeR, 15:02:58)
    2. Bryan Sullivan, AT&T\ (bryan_att, 15:03:14)
    3. Jitendra, Telstra (bryan_att, 15:03:45)
    4. Nat, TechM (bryan_att, 15:04:08)
    5. Ofer, Amdocs (bryan_att, 15:04:16)
    6. Pantelis, Nokia (bryan_att, 15:04:24)
    7. Phillipe, Orange (bryan_att, 15:04:54)
    8. Serban, AT&T (bryan_att, 15:05:06)

  2. Agenda (bryan_att, 15:05:49)
    1. Phillipe asked: in R tool there is an acumos function called "Push" does it suficient to Onboard a model ? (bryan_att, 16:02:06)
    2. Bryan: we will get back to you on this - send a note to the list and we'll make sure the experts give you advice on that. (bryan_att, 16:02:45)
    3. Guancong (ZTE) asked: The process of OnBoarding will be greatly simple if we support command line interface. (bryan_att, 16:03:15)
    4. Nat: Both CLI and Web based on boarding options are available. Most of the ML experts prefer CLI. (bryan_att, 16:03:31)
    5. Bryan: I think the web onboarding process is basically the same as the CLI based process, and per the script I demoe'd in the call (https://github.com/acumos/system-integration/blob/master/AIO/bootstrap-models.sh) it's pretty simple to onboard via CLI. (bryan_att, 16:06:26)
    6. ... although "CLI" is used to mean a client that does other things as well, specific to the toolkit in use, the end result (the model zip file) is the same as the curl-based upload shown in the meeting. (bryan_att, 16:07:21)
    7. the meeting was recorded and the recording will be posted on the wiki (bryan_att, 16:07:47)

Meeting ended at 16:07:53 UTC (full logs).

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  1. bryan_att (18)
  2. collabot` (3)
  3. GuangCong (1)
  4. NokMikeR (1)
  5. Philippe (1)

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