13:00:25 <bryan_att> #startmeeting Acumos TSC
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13:00:53 <bryan_att> #chair bryan_att, aimeeu
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13:01:41 <bryan_att> #topic Agenda
13:02:03 <bryan_att> #link https://wiki.acumos.org/display/TSC#TechnicalSteeringCommittee-20180625
13:05:31 <bryan_att> #info TSC present: Ofer (Amdocs), Jack (AT&T), Zhengyuxuan (Huawei), Sachin (TechM)
13:05:56 <bryan_att> #info Previous meeting minutes were agreed
13:06:12 <bryan_att> #topic Open Items
13:12:46 <bryan_att> #info Repo approval for Common Services
13:12:57 <bryan_att> #info Repo was approved by TSC vote
13:19:32 <bryan_att> #topic TSC Committees
13:34:53 <bryan_att> #info Current list of requirements for Athena are frozen
13:37:22 <bryan_att> #info Jack: still looking for someone to take on the role of release manager
13:42:40 <bryan_att> #topic Report from PTLs
13:45:42 <bryan_att> #info Jack: PTLs will be able to bring issues to the TSC in this section going forward
13:45:56 <bryan_att> #topic Release Manager
13:47:00 <bryan_att> #info Remains open, TschM may have someone for the role
13:47:15 <bryan_att> #topic Missing PTLs
13:51:23 <bryan_att> #info Jack: until PTLs are nominated we are proceeding with acting PTLs drawn from the active committers
13:53:07 <bryan_att> #info Jack: as acting PTLs, Ken Kristiansen for Integration and Test; Kazi Farooqi for Design Studio; Bryan Sullivan on OA&M
13:53:31 <bryan_att> #info Jack: still missing acting PTL for licensing, looking for someone from the community to step into that role
13:55:04 <bryan_att> #topic TSC Attendance Policy
13:58:39 <bryan_att> #info Jack: proposed that TSC members who don't attend will after 3 consecutive absences be suspended from voting, and reinstated after two consecutive attendances; also a named alternative (specific person) can be delegated as TSC member for a meeting;
13:58:57 <bryan_att> #info This will be voted on in a subsequent meeting
13:59:10 <bryan_att> #topic Jira Admin rights
13:59:32 <bryan_att> #info Chris: we have the rights we need for now
14:09:32 <bryan_att> #info Vanessa: The existing Admins have the rights they need to enable the issue type of "User Story"; any subsequent requests can be routed to the current project admins
14:09:46 <bryan_att> #topic Approval of Santosh as committer
14:10:33 <bryan_att> #info Santosh Kumar was approved as a committer to Acumos-azure client repo
14:10:37 <bryan_att> #endmeeting