#chaoss-community: Monthly CHAOSS call June 5th 3018

Meeting started by GeorgLink at 16:05:17 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Google Summer of Code Update (GeorgLink, 16:06:44)
    1. Good engagement of interns. (GeorgLink, 16:08:24)
    2. Both interns make progress. (GeorgLink, 16:08:38)

  2. Upcoming Events, especially CHAOSScon (GeorgLink, 16:10:13)
    1. CHAOSScon organizing committee received several proposals and will meet after monthly call to decide on them and start building a program (GeorgLink, 16:12:20)
    2. proposals came from within and outside of the community (GeorgLink, 16:12:33)
    3. SoHEAL was last week. Three high-profile CHAOSS elements. Jesus and Kate were strongly engaged in the workshop. Kate gave the opening keynote. GrimoireLab and CHAOSS were come up regularly during the workshop. Sean facilitated a 1 hour session on CHAOSS and discussion on data collection and analysis; outcome: researchers use their own tools but common sets of data. (GeorgLink, 16:15:10)
    4. there are some implicit agreements about what metrics are. Researchers are trying to find new metrics. CHAOSS can serve as a platform to evaluate these metrics and maybe help with uptake. (GeorgLink, 16:20:30)
    5. OSCON is in July: The D&I workgroup has accepted talks at the Community Leadership Summit. (GeorgLink, 16:21:33)
    6. Bitergia will be at OSCON and spread the word of CHAOSS (GeorgLink, 16:21:44)
    7. Spain has a national meeting of companies in open source and Bitergia will present there. Conference name: OpenExpo (GeorgLink, 16:22:38)
    8. https://openexpoeurope.com/es/ (dizquierdo, 16:22:45)

  3. Call to Vote for CHAOSS Code of Conduct Team (GeorgLink, 16:22:54)
    1. https://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/vote.pl?id=E_eb0e86af55a181a9&akey=9ac21f3dfbf93eb6 (GeorgLink, 16:23:04)

  4. GMD workgroup update (GeorgLink, 16:25:26)
    1. working on some metrics, implementing them. Augur uses Jupiter notebooks for prototyping metrics. More space for playing with metrics and tracking changes to definitions. (GeorgLink, 16:27:28)
    2. establishing workflow for metrics. Maybe add a guide for newcomers on how to get started. (GeorgLink, 16:28:51)
    3. personally invite community managers to the workgroup and evaluate metrics. (GeorgLink, 16:29:59)
    4. two levels: technical - how to prototype metrics; evaluate metrics - communicate with ecosystem (GeorgLink, 16:30:32)

  5. d&i workgroup update (GeorgLink, 16:31:32)
    1. the work is continuing on the metrics. will present at Emma's diversity and inclusion call tomorrow. (GeorgLink, 16:32:03)
    2. some great events coming up where D&I workgroup is present (GeorgLink, 16:33:04)
    3. workgroup has agreed on goals for itself (GeorgLink, 16:33:41)
    4. now we need to discuss the metrics and refine them. How should we incorporate the existing D&I metrics? (GeorgLink, 16:34:24)

  6. workflow of metrics into categories (GeorgLink, 16:38:05)
    1. workgroup are stewards of categories. When they create a pull request to the metrics repository, it opens the discussion to the wider community. (GeorgLink, 16:38:51)
    2. link to the current D&I PR: https://github.com/chaoss/wg-diversity-inclusion/pull/17 (dizquierdo, 16:39:02)
    3. the workgroup builds example implementations and discussions happens automatically (GeorgLink, 16:39:44)
    4. Nicole via chat: 1. Continuing work on the metric categories (GeorgLink, 16:41:57)
    5. Nicole via chat: 2. Due to present this work to Emma's community tomorrow for feedback/input. (GeorgLink, 16:42:07)
    6. Nicole via chat: 3. Great presence across upcoming events: Community Leadership Summit (Jul), Open Source Summit (Aug), and potentially, CHAOSSCon. (GeorgLink, 16:42:21)
    7. Nicole via chat: 4. D&I WG meeting this week is on Thursday, and then again on Jun 20. (GeorgLink, 16:42:35)

  7. metrics committee update (GeorgLink, 16:44:34)
    1. no update (GeorgLink, 16:44:37)

  8. software committee update (GeorgLink, 16:44:43)
    1. business as usual, GrimoireLab releases weekly (GeorgLink, 16:45:10)
    2. Augur adds more repo based functionality (GeorgLink, 16:45:38)

Meeting ended at 16:46:50 UTC (full logs).

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  2. collabot_ (3)
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