12:00:33 <jki> #startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting
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12:00:37 <jki> Hi everyone!
12:00:42 <iwamatsu> hi!
12:00:42 <alicef> hello
12:00:43 <uli> hello
12:00:48 <masami> hi
12:00:57 <patersonc[m]> Hello
12:01:59 <pave1> hi!
12:02:54 <jki> then let's go:
12:02:55 <jki> #topic AI review
12:03:00 <jki> 1. Resolve/filter irrelevant failures of KernelCI for 4.4-cip - patersonc & alicefm
12:03:11 <patersonc[m]> nope
12:03:48 <alicef> no updates.
12:04:20 <jki> 2. Check cip devices on kernelci old pull request - patersonc?
12:04:35 <patersonc[m]> Nope
12:04:59 <alicef> at least we need to decide which device we want to try to connect and which we want to deprecate
12:05:17 <patersonc[m]> We should ideally support the CIP reference platforms
12:05:47 <alicef> like some device are always offline
12:07:02 <alicef> we should decide if we want to put effort for testing it or just deprecating it
12:07:46 <alicef> like openblocks
12:07:58 <patersonc[m]> The x86-openblocks-iot-vx2 platform is waiting on Plathome to get it working with NFS
12:09:13 <alicef> and we want to have it on kernelci?
12:09:58 <iwamatsu> They may need help for openblocks...
12:10:27 <patersonc[m]> It is a CIP reference platform, so when it's working in the LAVA lab we should add it to KCI
12:10:45 <alicef> ok
12:11:47 <jki> what help need plathome provide to get started?
12:11:51 <iwamatsu> patersonc: Can you give me current status of openblocks?
12:11:55 <alicef> devsoc is disappeared
12:12:27 <alicef> ah we have nano-soc
12:12:45 <patersonc[m]> iwamatsu: Last I remember it still wasn't booting over the network and Plat'home were going to look into it
12:13:07 <iwamatsu> Toshiba and I have x86-openblocks-iot-vx2 and I can test with my LAVA environment.
12:13:32 <patersonc[m]> iwamatsu: Great. So we need to know what is different with the configuration etc.
12:13:58 <iwamatsu> patersonc: I see. Can I contact to Minmin-san about this directly?
12:14:09 <patersonc[m]> Sure :)
12:14:10 <patersonc[m]> Thanks
12:14:12 <iwamatsu> OK
12:15:09 <iwamatsu> Perhaps Kazu also has information about this. I will ask him too.
12:15:57 <jki> great, sounds like a plan
12:16:08 <jki> anything else on this topic?
12:17:39 <alicef> ok
12:17:44 <jki> or on any other AI-related things?
12:18:19 <jki> 3
12:18:20 <jki> 2
12:18:21 <jki> 1
12:18:23 <jki> #topic Kernel maintenance updates
12:18:47 <uli> backported x86 speculation fixes to 4.4
12:19:05 <masami> This week reported 12 new CVEs, but they are at least fixed in the mainline.
12:19:12 <pave1> I was reviewing 5.10.120 and 121.
12:19:14 <iwamatsu> I am reviewing 5.10.121.
12:19:18 <masami> pave1: Thanks for adding CVE-2021-4034.yml.
12:19:56 <pave1> No  problem. There is confusion if that is pkexec problem or kernel one
12:20:10 <pave1> but I believe we need to watch it.
12:20:54 <jki> was I right in the TSC call that pkexec is currently about further backporting?
12:21:11 <masami> yes, commit dcd46d8 will protect  CVE-2021-4034 like attack in the future.
12:23:57 <jki> ok, other topics here?
12:24:20 <pave1> I was wondering if we need to do extra releases for
12:24:49 <pave1> cve-4034, but based on apparent lack of interest it looks like we are fine.
12:27:12 <jki> haven't heard explicit requests for a quick fix either
12:28:01 <pave1> Good. People should not be running untrusted code on their embedded boxes,anyway. Nor should they
12:28:19 <pave1> have pkexec there...
12:28:31 <jki> yeah, that was before someone invented "Edge Computing"...
12:29:04 <pave1> I'll need to search wikipedia for what that means.
12:31:50 <jki> multi-purpose, extensible devices at the field level, often also with 3rd-party software on top, not neccessarily all fully trusted
12:32:15 <jki> anyway
12:32:27 <jki> further topics?
12:33:31 <jki> 3
12:33:33 <jki> 2
12:33:34 <jki> 1
12:33:36 <jki> #topic Kernel testing
12:34:17 <patersonc[m]> Not a lot from me. Although I have now applied for CIP to join GitLab's open source program
12:34:35 <jki> great, thanks for that!
12:34:47 <alicef> just discussing with KernelCI about old kernelci not merged PR
12:35:19 <alicef> not yet merged PR cip related
12:37:08 <jki> I'd like to pick up https://wiki.linuxfoundation.org/civilinfrastructureplatform/ciptesting/cipreferencehardware here as well
12:37:56 <patersonc[m]> jki: Yea needs updating
12:38:31 <jki> are the 5.10 columns correct? can we simple switch to "supported" there?
12:39:09 <patersonc[m]> Will do
12:39:17 <jki> perfect
12:39:29 <jki> how about qemu-arm64 with 4.19?
12:39:52 <jki> and actually also qemu-arm
12:40:37 <jki> I don't recall if we had an unsupported phase with those targets, maybe except for qemu-arm64 on 4.4
12:41:45 <iwamatsu> Oh, about supprit qemu-arm*, that's my job. I will proceed immediately.
12:41:50 <jki> UltraScale is meanwhile an official target?
12:41:56 <jki> on 5.10?
12:42:21 <iwamatsu> zcu102: yes
12:42:31 <jki> ok, fine
12:42:43 <jki> just to avoid mistakes in the other direction ;)
12:43:32 <jki> good, any other entries in the table that would need discussion?
12:45:56 <jki> if not, I'll just note the AI that patersonc and iwamatsu will update the table, and we can check again next time
12:46:04 <jki> other topics here?
12:46:31 <patersonc[m]> Thanks jki
12:47:26 <jki> moving on in
12:47:27 <jki> 3
12:47:29 <jki> 2
12:47:32 <jki> 1
12:47:34 <jki> #topic AOB
12:47:37 <alicef> KernelCI is trying to move away from old API for moving to pipeline
12:48:03 <jki> oh, I was too fast :) - impact for us?
12:48:09 <alicef> with kernelCI pipeline developers can ask for a token for sending build request
12:48:49 <alicef> would be useful for sending immediate test for CIP kernels
12:50:00 <jki> ...provided we can make sufficient sense out of the results (AI #1...)
12:52:39 <jki> ok, anything else?
12:54:26 <jki> 3
12:54:28 <jki> 2
12:54:32 <jki> 1
12:54:39 <jki> #endmeeting