12:11:44 <pave1> #startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting
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12:11:56 <pave1> #topic AI review
12:12:12 <pave1> 1. Resolve/ignore failures of KernelCI on 4.4-cip - alicefm
12:12:35 <pave1> alicefm said "Also i have no update this week as i was presenting and following LPC".
12:12:50 <pave1> 2. Check cip devices on kernelci old pull request - patersonc
12:12:56 <patersonc[m]> No updates
12:13:08 <alicef> No updates
12:13:28 <pave1> Thank you. I assume there are no new additions to AI list?
12:13:30 <pave1> 3
12:13:31 <pave1> 2
12:13:42 <pave1> 1
12:13:43 <pave1> #topic Kernel maintenance updates
12:14:06 <masami> This week reported 8 new CVEs and 0 updated CVEs.
12:14:12 <pave1> I did reviews on 5.10.141..143. New 5.10-rt kernel is out.
12:14:14 <masami> most vulnerabilities are in vmwgfx driver.
12:15:48 <pave1> masami: Thanks for the list. Fortunately those vmwgfx vulnerabilities seem to be quite confused and not very important to us. (Siemens may be using some virtualization but hopefully not vmware?)
12:17:17 <pave1> There was update from tglx for -rt project. They hit "major drawback" in 5.19-rc when their printk changes were reverted.
12:17:49 <pave1> 3
12:17:53 <pave1> 2
12:17:56 <pave1> 1
12:18:12 <pave1> #topic Kernel testing
12:18:42 <patersonc[m]> I don't have anything exciting to report
12:18:56 <pave1> I seem to be getting failures on gitlab where "compile" part indicates green, but the "run" part can not find the output.
12:19:05 <pave1> Should I try to document it next time it happens?
12:19:33 <patersonc[m]> It would be good to see a link if you have one
12:20:16 <pave1> Ok, thanks, I have been simply hitting "retry", let me document it in the email next time it happens.
12:20:22 <pave1> 3
12:20:26 <pave1> 2
12:20:26 <pave1> 1
12:20:41 <patersonc[m]> pave1: Thanks
12:21:16 <pave1> #topic AOB
12:21:28 <pave1> Anything else?
12:21:44 <pave1> I assume next week will be more usual with the conferences over.
12:21:53 <pave1> 5
12:21:58 <pave1> 4
12:22:00 <patersonc[m]> I'd guess so
12:22:08 <pave1> 3
12:22:12 <pave1> 2
12:22:16 <pave1> 1
12:22:25 <pave1> #endmeeting