12:02:43 <jki> #startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting
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12:02:49 <jki> #topic AI review
12:02:54 <jki> 1. Add qemu-riscv to cip-kernel-config - patersonc
12:03:06 <jki> no one here today to address this
12:03:15 <jki> other AIs I missed?
12:03:41 <jki> 3
12:03:43 <jki> 2
12:03:45 <jki> 1
12:03:48 <jki> #topic Kernel maintenance updates
12:03:56 <uli_> still reviewing 5.10.150
12:04:03 <masami> This week reported 6 new CVEs and 3 updated CVEs.
12:04:25 <iwamatsu> I reviewd   5.10.152
12:08:19 <jki> seems we don't have much to coordinate here this week
12:08:57 <jki> anything else on maintenance?
12:09:27 <jki> 3
12:09:28 <jki> 2
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12:09:34 <jki> #topic Kernel testing
12:10:01 <alicefm> No updates this week
12:10:17 <fbezdeka> As Pavel is not here today we might have to skip it: we still have https://github.com/kernelci/kernelci-core/issues/1053 open. My understanding was that the test report for the 4.4-cip tree/branch was usable now. I guess we can close it soon...
12:10:30 <pave1> I'm here now. Sorry.
12:10:33 <pave1> DST kicked in.
12:11:09 <jki> hi, pavel!
12:11:22 <pave1> Hi!
12:11:40 <jki> can you quickly catch up - anything to add on the previous topic or on the testing question?
12:12:24 <pave1> I was reviewing 5.10.152 and am reviewing 5.10.153. Otherwise not much updates from me.
12:12:45 <pave1> I need to take another look at 4.4 testing effort, but feel free to close github issue.
12:13:50 <pave1> gitlab does not work well today: https://gitlab.com/cip-project/cip-kernel/linux-cip/-/pipelines/684313254
12:14:15 <pave1> The tasks with red status have already had 3 tries...
12:15:14 <jki> ERROR: Job failed (system failure): pods "runner-ufmsyps-project-2678032-concurrent-02pt99" not found - Huh?!
12:15:55 <pave1> Yep, that happens a lot. I normally just hit retry :-).
12:16:03 <pave1> 4.4 testing -- there may be still some work to do on 4.4
12:16:08 <pave1> Latest reports I could find:
12:16:11 <pave1> cip/linux-4.4.y-cip smc: 12 runs, 3 regressions (v4.4.302-cip69-517-g92709d8ae585) #kerne
12:16:31 <pave1> cip/linux-4.4.y-cip baseline: 102 runs, 6 regressions (v4.4.302-cip69-517-g92709d8ae585
12:16:43 <pave1> cip/linux-4.4.y-cip ltp-pty: 3 runs, 1 regressions (v4.4.302-cip69-517-g92709d8ae585) #ke
12:16:55 <pave1> I know smc is problematic, but we have regressions elsewhere, too.
12:18:31 <pave1> One of failures is: https://storage.kernelci.org//cip/linux-4.4.y-cip/v4.4.302-cip69-517-g92709d8ae585/arm64/defconfig/gcc-10/lab-broonie/baseline-qemu_arm64-virt-gicv2.html
12:19:37 <pave1> I see no kernel logs, so I suspect it is something wrong with the test system.
12:19:44 <fbezdeka> At least some (if not all) of the smc failures are reported by qemu targets. I guess that's more a common kernelci testing issue
12:19:50 <pave1> So perhaps don't close the gitlab issue just yet :-).
12:24:32 <jki> how to proceed here, who can help / needs to help?
12:27:24 <iwamatsu> I re-run pavel's pipeline. Some jobs have worked and succeeded.
12:27:54 <fbezdeka> Build tests are looking good, only a few warnings. That might be something for Pavel to look at. I could try to talk to kernelci if testing smc on virtual targets has any value
12:28:14 <iwamatsu> However, the following jobs have a problem with CI.
12:28:22 <iwamatsu> https://gitlab.com/cip-project/cip-kernel/linux-cip/-/jobs/3268935753
12:28:23 <pave1> Yep, disabling smc on qemu might be good idea.
12:28:33 <pave1> What about baseline and ltp-pty regressions?
12:29:03 <fbezdeka> That would be the next steps.
12:30:18 <iwamatsu> about qemu/smc issue, it is not difficult. I will create MR for that.
12:30:21 <pave1> fbezdeka: And for the record, I know about the ~ 1 warning,just was busy with other stuff. Sorry about that.
12:31:03 <fbezdeka> It's just a warning. I'm quite sure it doesn't bring up something serious
12:31:57 <fbezdeka> qemu/smc: Maybe someone else should confirm that it has no value to test microcode related stuff on virtual targets. Maybe I/we miss something
12:32:35 <pave1> fbezdeka: IIRC... trouble is that we are using KVM or something, so whether test works or not depends on configuration of host.
12:33:10 <fbezdeka> Hm... But even with KVM enabled we would get random results (depends on the job scheduling I guess)
12:33:27 <pave1> fbezdeka: I suggest disabling smc on qemu. We have enough other stuff to work on.
12:33:42 <fbezdeka> Fine with that.
12:34:27 <iwamatsu> And qemu machine option. user can contorol it with qemu option.
12:35:56 <iwamatsu> ssbd spec-ctl etc..
12:37:12 <iwamatsu> I use them to avoid the qemu/smc issue, but I'm still on the way.
12:39:36 <jki> ok, seems there is a plan how to proceed
12:39:45 <jki> anything else on this?
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12:41:05 <jki> #topic AOB
12:43:07 <jki> any topic?
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12:43:46 <jki> #endmeeting