12:05:40 <jki> #startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting
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12:05:51 <jki> #topic AI review
12:05:58 <jki> 1. Add qemu-riscv to cip-kernel-config - patersonc
12:06:19 <alicef> patersonc[m]: said that will be 20/30 minutes late
12:06:28 <jki> ok
12:06:30 <alicef> so we can skip this for now
12:06:34 <jki> 2. Create MR for disabling smc test in qemu - iwamatsu
12:06:42 <alicef> working on it
12:06:48 <alicef> assing that to me
12:06:56 <jki> ah, sure
12:06:59 <jki> good
12:07:05 <alicef> I'm creating a PR for it
12:07:23 <fbezdeka> Maybe you can mention me. I like to learn how to do that
12:07:58 <alicef> just removing smc_qemu from the test plans
12:09:28 <alicef> ok
12:11:38 <alicef> i think we can go on ?
12:11:59 <fbezdeka> sure
12:12:17 <jki_> ok, seems I was offline
12:12:21 <alicef> I see jki got disconnected
12:12:26 <alicef> wb jki_
12:12:48 <jki_> we didn't switch topics yet, right?
12:12:57 <fbezdeka> no, but we can go on
12:12:59 <alicef> yes, please go on
12:13:10 <jki_> #topic Kernel maintenance updates
12:13:34 <pave1> I did reviews and 4.19-rt update.
12:13:39 <masami> This week reported 2 new CVEs and 15 updated CVEs.
12:13:41 <uli> i was down with a virus infection this week, no updates. will review 4.4-st-rc next.
12:14:03 <pave1> 4.4-st-rc is also updated. I'd like uli to review it, then I can merge it to -cip and ask iwamatsu for release.
12:15:24 <jki_> anything else?
12:15:59 <jki_> btw, I can't re-claim meeting ownership for the bot, can I?
12:16:34 <pave1> Your other identity disconnected, so maybe you can claim it now?
12:16:41 <jki_> how?
12:17:01 <alicef> you need to ghost the other identity
12:17:12 <pave1> let me try.
12:17:21 <pave1> 3
12:17:22 <pave1> 2
12:17:23 <pave1> 1
12:17:41 <jki> #topic kernel testing
12:18:12 <alicef> no news other than the pr from me
12:18:24 <alicef> patersonc[m] is not here
12:19:01 <jki_> ok, then let go to the new topic section now: #topic Kernel release status
12:19:26 <jki> #topic Kernel release status
12:19:43 <jki_> 4.4
12:19:53 <pave1> 4.4-st-rc is also updated. I'd like uli to review it, then I can merge it to -cip and ask iwamatsu for
12:20:00 <pave1> +release.
12:20:18 <jki_> estimated release roughly when?
12:20:44 <pave1> Process should be straightforward when Uli reviews it.
12:21:26 <uli> i haven't looked how much work that is yet
12:22:06 <uli> but i guess it will be done until next meeting
12:22:16 <jki_> that would be great
12:22:27 <jki_> we are late here as discussed
12:22:37 <jki_> how about 4.4-rt after that?
12:23:27 <pave1> That should be fairly straightforward, too. Assuming there are no -rt specific changes in 4.9-rt; I have not yet had to deal with that.
12:23:59 <jki_> please have a look then soon as well
12:24:03 <jki_> ok
12:24:08 <pave1> Ok, will do. Thanks.
12:24:22 <jki_> 4.19 / 5.10 (summarizing)
12:24:33 <jki_> I've seen recent releases for all
12:24:38 * patersonc[m] arrives
12:24:49 <pave1> 4.19-rt was done this week, 5.10-rt was this month, we should be ok there.
12:24:53 <jki_> anything to add for those kernels that could delay the next ones?
12:26:06 <jki_> if not, moveing on
12:26:17 <pave1> Not currently aware of anything.
12:26:28 <jki_> patersonc[m]: anything to add to "kernel testing"?
12:26:51 <jki_> or to your riscv AI? ;)
12:26:54 <patersonc[m]> I was going to say that things seems table now on Gitlab - has anyone seen any issues?
12:28:16 <jki_> seems not...
12:28:42 <patersonc[m]> On another topic, I noticed this week that a number of branches in the gitlab repo were out of sync with the kernel.org repo. I've now fixed this and the mirroring should be working properly now.
12:28:56 <patersonc[m]> (The linux-cip repo)
12:29:04 <jki_> what was causing this?
12:29:27 <patersonc[m]> I guess something was pushed to our gitlab fork before/instead of the kernel.org repo
12:29:49 <patersonc[m]> So when it tried to pull an update it stopped because the branch had diverged
12:30:09 <patersonc[m]> I've changed the pull settings now so that the pulling should overwrite diverged branches
12:30:32 <jki_> hopefully in the right direction ;)
12:30:34 <patersonc[m]> And that it only pulls for "protected" branches - which are set to the ones present in the kernel.org repo
12:30:49 <patersonc[m]> :)
12:31:20 <patersonc[m]> I have one more repo related topic...
12:31:43 <patersonc[m]> On https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/cip/linux-cip.git/refs/heads there are three branches we don't update at all - linux-4.4.y, linuc-4.19.y and master
12:31:47 <patersonc[m]> Should we remove them?
12:31:55 <patersonc[m]> Or start updating them from upstream?
12:32:48 <jki_> do we have a use case for them on gitlab?
12:32:57 <patersonc[m]> Not that I'm aware of
12:33:18 <pave1> master is also unused, I'd say.
12:33:47 <jki_> then drop them, rather than having stale versions
12:34:13 <jki_> maybe master is different, though
12:34:50 <patersonc[m]> I think the master used to = 4.4-cip back in the day
12:35:01 <pave1> Well, after latest push against word "master", people have been renaming it to main, and others.
12:35:25 <pave1> So there's good chance that nothing depends on the master branch...?
12:35:51 <jki_> if it was stale and pointing to a strange base before, very likely
12:37:00 <jki_> any other branching topics?
12:37:12 <jki_> actually, we are already in...
12:37:13 <jki_> #topic AOB
12:37:24 <jki> #topic AOB
12:37:57 <jki_> anyone anything?
12:38:57 <jki_> if not: dear ghost of mine, please close :)
12:39:03 <pave1> 5
12:39:04 <pave1> 4
12:39:06 <pave1> 3
12:39:07 <pave1> 2
12:39:09 <pave1> 1
12:39:15 <jki> #endmeeting