13:03:53 <iwamatsu> #startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting
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13:04:17 <pave1> Thank you!
13:04:32 <iwamatsu> #topic AI review
13:04:49 <iwamatsu> 1. Add qemu-riscv to cip-kernel-config - patersonc
13:05:18 <iwamatsu> I applied this patch to cip-kernel-config. We can close this.
13:06:02 <patersonc[m]> This is done now
13:06:03 <patersonc[m]> Thanks iwamatsu and jkl
13:06:23 <iwamatsu> :-)
13:06:29 <iwamatsu> other AIs?
13:06:44 <patersonc[m]> On that topic...
13:06:55 <alicef> we should add it also in kernelci like here https://github.com/kernelci/kernelci-core/blob/main/config/core/build-configs-cip.yaml#L165
13:07:12 <patersonc[m]> Do we want CI to only build our qemu riscv config, or do we want to build the riscv defconfig as well?
13:07:26 <patersonc[m]> Normally I build the defconfigs as well as CIP configs
13:07:39 <patersonc[m]> alicef: Yea
13:08:02 <alicef> is that only for 5.10.y-cip?
13:08:32 <patersonc[m]> Yea
13:08:45 <alicef> k I will add 5.10 if so
13:09:10 <patersonc[m]> Thanks alicef
13:09:26 <alicef> np
13:10:10 <iwamatsu> patersonc[m]: I think our qemu riscv config is enough now.
13:12:09 <patersonc[m]> Okay
13:12:54 <iwamatsu> anything else?
13:12:57 <iwamatsu> 3
13:12:59 <iwamatsu> 2
13:13:01 <iwamatsu> 1
13:13:13 <iwamatsu> #topic Kernel maintenance updates
13:13:27 <uli> i tested and fixed regressions in 4.4.y-st-rc
13:13:36 <masami> This week reported 4 new CVEs and 3 updated CVEs.
13:13:47 <pave1> I am reviewing 5.10.163. Still need to review 4.4.x changes.
13:14:01 <iwamatsu> I am reviewing 5.10.162.
13:14:32 <pave1> uli: -st naming scheme was 4.4.stXX corresponds to 4.9.YXX.
13:14:50 <uli> i see
13:15:07 <pave1> but as 4.9.x is no longer maintained, we are free to change it now.
13:16:54 <uli> i'd keep that for this release, if only to avoid confusing myself
13:17:51 <pave1> uli: no problem with that.
13:20:26 <iwamatsu> anything else?
13:20:30 <iwamatsu> 3
13:20:33 <iwamatsu> 2
13:20:35 <iwamatsu> 1
13:20:43 <iwamatsu> #topic Kernel release status
13:20:50 <iwamatsu> -4.4
13:21:14 <uli> one small backport for that oom denial of service thing plus the reviews, and we're good
13:21:37 <iwamatsu> OK, thanks.
13:21:49 <iwamatsu> -4.19
13:22:22 <iwamatsu> No update LTS and RT from latest meeting.
13:23:02 <iwamatsu> -5.10
13:23:36 <iwamatsu> Latest LTS version is 5.10.162, RT is no update.
13:24:59 <iwamatsu> Tomorrow's CIP kernel release may be only 5.10.y-cip.
13:25:14 <iwamatsu> anything else?
13:25:26 <iwamatsu> 3
13:25:28 <iwamatsu> 2
13:25:30 <iwamatsu> 1
13:25:42 <iwamatsu> #topic Kernel testing
13:26:42 <patersonc[m]> As already said, qemu-riscv config is now merged. I'll get 5.10 to automatically start building for it soon
13:26:52 <alicef> will work on the updates for making kernelci work with the new riscv configurations, this all for me
13:27:09 <patersonc[m]> In the background I'm working on upgrading our LAVA version in the labs and server
13:27:21 <alicef> and update isar-cip-core image on kernelci
13:28:21 <iwamatsu> got it, thanks
13:28:24 <patersonc[m]> Do we have a suitable filesystem to test riscv-qemu?
13:29:12 <iwamatsu> isar-cip-core already support it. We can use it, I think.
13:29:18 <patersonc[m]> Great
13:30:15 <alicef> maybe we can make isar-cip-core create a riscv image for kernelci
13:30:35 <alicef> currently I see only amd64 arm and arm64
13:30:50 <iwamatsu> I am using it on my local LAVA, if you need help, let me know.
13:30:58 <alicef> ok
13:31:32 <iwamatsu> anything else?
13:31:41 <iwamatsu> 3
13:31:43 <iwamatsu> 2
13:31:45 <iwamatsu> 1
13:32:00 <iwamatsu> #topic AOB
13:33:22 <iwamatsu> not decide next LTS yet.
13:33:33 <patersonc[m]> Does anyone think it's worth trying to give a talk on 4.4-st at EOSS?
13:33:44 <patersonc[m]> (https://events.linuxfoundation.org/embedded-open-source-summit/)
13:34:30 <alicef> iwamatsu: when will be updated 4.19 ? we will still have both cip number update or this time 4.19 will skip one number ?
13:35:21 <uli> patersonc[m]: it might...
13:36:02 <patersonc[m]> CFP is open. I assume CIP will be attending the event
13:36:57 <jki> besides talking about how we do it, sharing war and success stories of the maintenance can be interesting for the audience
13:37:10 <jki> if we have any already
13:37:51 <iwamatsu> alicef: When 4.19.y is updated, I will update the 4.19.y-cip.
13:38:05 <alicef> ok thanks
13:38:31 <iwamatsu> EOSS > good idea.
13:38:38 <alicef> right today we had only 5.10-> updates
13:38:52 <alicef> right today we had only 5.15-> updates
13:40:10 <iwamatsu> anything else?
13:40:27 <iwamatsu> 3
13:40:29 <iwamatsu> 2
13:40:32 <iwamatsu> 1
13:40:44 <iwamatsu> #endmeeting