14:04:10 <mackonstan> #startmeeting FD.io CSIT meeting
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14:04:32 <mackonstan> #info mackonstan
14:04:36 <mackonstan> #chair
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14:06:57 <mackonstan> #chair
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14:07:47 <mackonstan> #topic Agenda bashing
14:07:59 <mackonstan> #topic Inputs from projects - VPP
14:08:34 <mackonstan> #info Andrew, rc2 tag has been applied, per schedule.
14:08:44 <mackonstan> #topic Inputs from projects - VSAP
14:08:50 <mackonstan> #info Dave, nothing new.
14:09:04 <mackonstan> #topic Inputs from projects - TSC
14:09:52 <mackonstan> #info Dave, primarily discussed TSC evolution stuff, Ray made a proposal to change the service period for elected position from 1yr to 2yrs, will be voted this week.
14:10:08 <mackonstan> #topic Releases - CSIT-2106
14:10:57 <mackonstan> #info Tibor, today finished rc1 testing, memif issue fixed last Fri, all testbeds run except 2n-skx and 2n-zn2 that are still running
14:11:21 <mackonstan> #info Tibor, mater draft report contains rc1 test data, but pls ignore 2n-skx and 2n-zn2
14:12:03 <mackonstan> #info Tibor, VSAP tests are failing with rdma-core driver, Dave is investigating
14:12:15 <mackonstan> #info Tibor, next step is testing rc2
14:12:30 <mackonstan> #info Tibor, Peter added lots of static content, already merged
14:13:23 <mackonstan> #info Tibor, published today rls2106 TODO list, sent to csit-dev, pls follow up
14:14:20 <mackonstan> #info Tibor, observed few test failures with AVF driver, to be checked …
14:16:46 <mackonstan> #topic Physical Infrastructure
14:17:38 <mackonstan> #info Peter, replacement CLX CPUs arrived, installed and in operation
14:19:17 <mackonstan> #info Peter, re E810 cards installation in vpp_device hosts, 1st card is installed and cabled up, 2nd card is installed but cable missing; CSIT code to support it is still to be written
14:22:27 <mackonstan> #info Maciek, Intel RayK proceeding with donation order of ICX processors, Intel NICs and cables per last agreed BOM.
14:22:41 <mackonstan> #topic Virtual Infrastructure, CI/CD
14:23:44 <mackonstan> #info Dave, recorded only one gerrit fetch failures, otherwise good, and looking quite stable.
14:25:09 <mackonstan> #info Dave, once 2106 rls is done, planning to move Jenkins master, Internet ingress proxy to YUL1.
14:26:52 <mackonstan> #info Dave, docs hosting moving from Nexus to xxx, requirements being gathered (Peter and Tibor working on them plus Dave, will put it up on a wiki for review), CSIT the biggest user due to reports
14:27:11 <mackonstan> #topic Environment, Framework
14:27:23 <mackonstan> #topic Performance Tests
14:29:23 <mackonstan> #info Vratko, no new failures, ASTF nat44ed highest scale tests, some sessions do not get established, need to find a more reliable setup rate for throughput tests
14:31:34 <mackonstan> #info new tests - gtpu, af_xdp - needs to ensure these tests are run for 2106, Maciek to follow up with Tibor
14:32:36 <mackonstan> #topic Functional Tests
14:33:23 <mackonstan> #info Fan, confirmed work ongoing on flow "offload" tests for e810 NICs
14:33:57 <mackonstan> #endmeeting