#fdio-csit: FD.io CSIT Project Meeting

Meeting started by mackonstan at 15:02:30 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Vratko Polak. (vrpolak, 15:02:40)
    2. Tibor Frank (tifrank, 15:02:53)
    3. Dave Wallace (dwallacelf, 15:02:56)

  1. Agenda bashing (mackonstan, 15:03:00)
  2. VPP updates (mackonstan, 15:03:21)
    1. no updates (mackonstan, 15:03:51)

  3. VSAP updates (mackonstan, 15:03:58)
    1. Dave updates: two patches 31333 (env install with ansible) and 31334 (tests nginx ldp vpp-hoststack tests); Dave, Peter to shepherd the env install (Xi to rework it, 31333 to be abandoned), the rest follows (mackonstan, 15:06:35)
    2. Dave updates: Vratko has been reviewing 31344, Florin should be reviewing those tests too. (mackonstan, 15:10:25)

  4. TSC (mackonstan, 15:10:38)
    1. Dave: Ray brought up the TG server funding point, calling for FD.io / CSIT formalising requirements for TG servers (mackonstan, 15:11:52)
    2. Dave: Ray et al brought up another related point - terms and conditions for installing / deploying HW/servers in FD.io labs (mackonstan, 15:13:25)

  5. Releases CSIT-2101 (mackonstan, 15:17:22)
    1. Vratko, async ipsec tests, show runtime and results look good, but the methodology is missing. Is anybody working on methodology? (mackonstan, 15:19:36)
    2. Maciek, will ping the authors to add methodology static content to enable publishing the report update (mackonstan, 15:20:10)

  6. Releases CSIT-2106 (mackonstan, 15:21:28)
    1. Maciek, release milestone dates updated (mackonstan, 15:21:54)
    2. https://wiki.fd.io/view/CSIT/csit2106_plan (mackonstan, 15:22:03)

  7. Physical Infrastructure (mackonstan, 15:22:59)
    1. Peter: all Xeon, 2n-zn2, 2n-tx2 perf testbeds now upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04; 2n-tsh, 2n-dnv, 3n-dnv are to be done. (mackonstan, 15:25:46)
    2. Peter: had to upgrade TRex to v2.88 (mackonstan, 15:26:01)
    3. Peter: nomad and vpp-device machines are to be upgraded once performance testbeds are completed and stable (mackonstan, 15:29:44)
    4. Peter, Dave: need to come up with an End-of-Life plan, and for that update the inventory for nomad servers, inventory info for perf testbeds is already updated in dc vexxhost server inventory patch, link below (mackonstan, 15:32:39)
    5. https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/csit/+/3066 (mackonstan, 15:32:51)
    6. https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/csit/+/30662 (mackonstan, 15:33:45)
    7. Dave: need a plan whether we can take machines from old perf testbeds and repurpose them for Nomad/build (mackonstan, 15:36:37)
    8. Maciek: propose to repurpose 3n-hsw perf testbeds for Nomad/build as proposed in the 2021 FD.io lab extension budget done in Nov 2020 (mackonstan, 15:39:45)
    9. Dave: will update the EOL status in the patch (mackonstan, 15:40:44)

  8. FD.io DC move in Mar 2021 (mackonstan, 15:42:57)
    1. Maciek: update from Mohammed, not expecting MTL1 to move until April, but happy to move few servers for move test purposes (mackonstan, 15:43:40)
    2. Dave, Peter, Maciek collectively to propose MTL1 move stages, document in the patch 30662 (mackonstan, 15:44:16)
    3. Dave, Andrew: still seeing periodic connectivity issues to gerrit … heads-up provided to Vexxhost, no other action needed (mackonstan, 15:46:23)

  9. TG server platform recommendation (mackonstan, 15:50:19)
    1. Maciek: draft recommendation published on wiki, to be reviewed by CSIT project, comments with email handle in the wiki (mackonstan, 15:51:06)
    2. https://wiki.fd.io/view/CSIT/csit_tg_servers (mackonstan, 15:51:15)

  10. Virtual Infrastructure, CI/CD (mackonstan, 15:51:59)
  11. Environment, Framework (mackonstan, 15:52:13)
  12. Performance Tests (mackonstan, 15:52:40)
    1. Tomas, looking at the intermittent failures in trending, too early to say if any new csit/vpp issues, will file jira if new ones (mackonstan, 15:56:28)
    2. Vratko, soak tests are failing after migration to 20.04 due to missing package, patch in progress. (mackonstan, 15:57:26)

Meeting ended at 15:57:41 UTC (full logs).

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  2. collab-meetbot` (3)
  3. vrpolak (1)
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