14:00:45 <mackonstan> #startmeeting FD.io CSIT Project Meeting
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14:03:26 <tifrank> #info Tibor Frank
14:04:11 <mackonstan> #topic Agenda bashing
14:04:15 <fan_zhang> #info Fan Zhang
14:04:18 <jlinkes> #info Juraj LinkeŇ°
14:04:34 <mackonstan> #info Govind, pls add discussion of new ipsec test cases
14:05:05 <mackonstan> #topic Inputs from projects - VPP
14:05:16 <mackonstan> #info Andrew, 3 weeks to rc1
14:05:25 <mackonstan> #topic Inputs from projects - VSAP
14:08:37 <mackonstan> #info Dave, continue to iterate on the patch, focus on VPP testing, not on NGINX version
14:11:26 <vrpolak> #info Vratko Polak.
14:14:27 <mackonstan> #info Dave, vpp hoststack would like to have benchmarks presented in the report, and in trending, details to be ironed out over email
14:14:40 <mackonstan> #topic Inputs from projects - TSC
14:16:39 <vrpolak> The technical question of VSAP/hoststack coverage for report (and trending) can be decided in Gerrit (change editing job specs). The organizational question is who should be the contributor.
14:17:03 <vrpolak> #info The technical question of VSAP/hoststack coverage for report (and trending) can be decided in Gerrit (change editing job specs). The organizational question is who should be the contributor.
14:17:06 <mackonstan> #info Maciek, Vratko, Ray has started to drive converstaion about the process for vendor donating the equipment into FD.io labs, took action to starting writing the draft.
14:17:22 <mackonstan> #topic Releases - CSIT-2106
14:19:25 <mackonstan> #info Govind, working on IPsec SPD vpp code optimization, would like to add tests to this regard
14:21:38 <mackonstan> #info Govind, focus on SPD policy match engine benchmarking, not crypto
14:23:46 <mackonstan> #info Maciek, sounds good
14:24:19 <mackonstan> #info Vratko, working on updates to suite generator to support ipsec scale test suite generator; but the SPD tests are orthogonal to that
14:27:49 <mackonstan> #info Juraj, looks at 4 different values for SPD rules times resulting in 4 test suites
14:28:38 <mackonstan> #topic Physical Infrastructure
14:29:26 <mackonstan> #topic Physical Infrastructure  - DC move
14:29:53 <mackonstan> #info Peter, progressing well, right now at stage 5, 4 x 2n-skx perf testbeds
14:31:51 <mackonstan> #info Peter, about 2 racks remaining after stage 5, see Peter's patch for details
14:32:04 <mackonstan> #topic Releases - CSIT-2106 take 2
14:32:42 <mackonstan> #info Fan, having 3 patches waiting for review
14:33:31 <mackonstan> #link https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/csit/+/31790
14:33:42 <mackonstan> #link https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/csit/+/31790
14:33:59 <mackonstan> link https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/csit/+/31790
14:34:25 <mackonstan> #link https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/csit/+/32025
14:34:33 <mackonstan> #link https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/ci-management/+/31821
14:36:37 <mackonstan> #info Fan, will confirm with authors if the patches are focusing on functional tests for flow offload executing on vpp_device testbeds (suited for functional testing) or on performance testbeds (not suited for functional testing)
14:37:10 <mackonstan> #topic Virtual Infrastructure, CI/CD
14:39:28 <mackonstan> #info Dave, 2 sporadic network issues continue to impact vpp and csit jobs i) gerrit fetch errors and ii) tcp connection resets.
14:39:46 <mackonstan> #info Dave, added some band aid in a shape of rechecks
14:51:26 <mackonstan> #info Dave, Andrew, Peter, Maciek, firm up request for logical topology representing failing sessions/flows path; ask for 15min daily progress live syncs with reps from CSIT/FD.io, Vexxhost, LF-IT.
14:58:21 <mackonstan> #topic Moving away from Nexus.
14:58:31 <mackonstan> #info Dave, docs moving to readthedocs.io
14:58:44 <mackonstan> #info Tibor, needs to read up on what this means for CSIT reports
14:58:54 <mackonstan> #topic Performance Tests
15:01:39 <mackonstan> #info Vratko, few tests still broken in daily trending: nat44ed multi-worker, geneve. Also sporadic failures for other tests, possibly fixed in VPP with https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/vpp/+/32200
15:01:59 <mackonstan> #topic Functional Tests
15:03:11 <mackonstan> #info Juraj, re IPS case: Faulty VF initialization during DPDK startup, new instructions received from Intel dpdk devs, advising on an updated versions for involved SW stack DPDK, FVL driver, FVL firmware
15:04:19 <mackonstan> #info Juraj will coordinate with Peter re doing the work on x86 that is preferred by Intel dpdk dev vs doing it on Arm, guess due to test env consistency
15:04:25 <mackonstan> #endmeeting