#fdio-meeting: FD.io CSIT Project Meeting

Meeting started by mackonstan at 13:56:44 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Peter Mikus (pmikus, 13:58:25)
    2. mackonstan (mackonstan, 14:01:15)
    3. Vratko Polak. (vrpolak, 14:01:57)
    4. Dave Wallace (dwallacelf, 14:02:06)

  1. Agenda bashing (mackonstan, 14:02:53)
  2. Inputs from projects - VPP (mackonstan, 14:03:43)
  3. Inputs from projects - TSC (mackonstan, 14:04:07)
    1. Juraj LinkeŇ° (jlinkes, 14:04:09)
    2. Dave, Peter Mikus nominated as ci-management committer, all committers voted in favour, TSC approval this week. (mackonstan, 14:05:42)

  4. New tests (mackonstan, 14:06:09)
    1. Fan Zhang (fan_zhang, 14:06:51)
    2. Fan, re flow "offload" patch functional test, waiting for vpp_device testbed/framework update. (mackonstan, 14:08:08)
    3. Fan, re flow "offload" patch performance test, testbeds/framework ready, will ask Yulong to go ahead and create a patch for that. (mackonstan, 14:09:20)
    4. Maciek, re TRex support for DPDK CVL, will send a summary note re status, will need help to verify any remaining gaps. (mackonstan, 14:11:42)
    5. Juraj, re IPsec SPD flow cache patches, 3 patches open, found one issues, working on a fix. Vratko wants to run perf tests to see any collateral impact of those patches. (mackonstan, 14:13:41)

  5. Releases (mackonstan, 14:14:14)
    1. CSIT-2110, will follow VPP schedule (mackonstan, 14:15:27)
    2. https://wiki.fd.io/view/Projects/vpp/Release_Plans/Release_Plan_21.10 (mackonstan, 14:15:29)
    3. CSIT-2106, Tibor, still testing (delayed by jenkins issues, talked about later), 2n-zn2 1 cvg job, af_xdp driver tests (late arrival to job_specs). (mackonstan, 14:17:30)
    4. CSIT-2106, Tibor, methodology sections under review, ipsec async patch, uni-dir crypto, af_xdp content to be added (Peter, Maciek). (mackonstan, 14:19:54)
    5. CSIT-2106, Peter, MLX issue fixed for good. (mackonstan, 14:21:51)
    6. CSIT-2106, Vratko, re IPsec async broken test, still open; Fan, vpp patch may need to be re-worked. (mackonstan, 14:23:22)
    7. CSIT-2106, high latency issue reported by TRex, Vratko, one very clear symptom: latency running high to 5msec, some NICs affected some are not, same for testbeds. (mackonstan, 14:25:01)
    8. Vratko, issue appeared when testbeds got upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 and TRex v2.88. Unclear what is the root cause. One similar symptom reported in public domain for TRex. (mackonstan, 14:25:51)
    9. https://github.com/cisco-system-traffic-generator/trex-core/issues/508#issuecomment-662363667 <-- Known TRex issue, comment about impact on latency measurements, but for different firmware and TRex versions. (vrpolak, 14:30:50)
    10. Peter, also tried TRex v2.90, also observing high latency. (mackonstan, 14:31:43)
    11. Peter, another suspicion is PCIe bus management, checking ... (mackonstan, 14:34:20)
    12. CSIT-2101, vpp artefacts ready, will test once CSIT-2106 is complete, after latency issue is fixed, and one iterative job per testbed is run with latency fixed. Then CSIT-2101.1 maintenance rls tests will get scheduled. (mackonstan, 14:37:35)

  6. Physical Infrastructure (mackonstan, 14:37:53)
    1. Peter, going ahead with 3n-hsw decommissioning, tickets open. Waiting for Vexxhost engineer on-site engineer allocation. (mackonstan, 14:38:36)

  7. Virtual Infrastructure, CI/CD (mackonstan, 14:38:51)
    1. Dave, Maciek, escalated Jenkins outage issue (mackonstan, 14:39:44)
    2. Dave, trigger: last Wednesday Jenkins VM and Jenkins ingress got moved to different location(s), some other changes on Saturday; symptoms: as of Saturday, very high latency between jenkins ingress and nomad; resolution: migrated jenkins ingress somewhere else; Peter cleaned vpp_device jobs, Dave cleared the vpp job queue. Now back to normal (mackonstan, 14:44:14)
    3. Dave, jenkins maintenance not needed (mackonstan, 14:46:22)
    4. Dave, Vanessa applied Jenkins JCasC changes during the outage. (mackonstan, 14:47:11)
    5. Peter, Dave, Maciek (mackonstan, 14:47:20)
    6. Peter, Dave, Maciek, changes of this nature MUST BE communicated over the slack channel. (mackonstan, 14:47:53)
    7. Dave, Maciek: will request post mortem readout from Vexxhost/LFIT team. (mackonstan, 14:51:04)

  8. Trending (mackonstan, 14:51:54)
    1. Vratko, CSIT l2, ip4, ip6 scale tests are failing due to VPP removing support for VAT APIs used. (mackonstan, 14:52:24)
    2. Vratko, solution is still WIP. (mackonstan, 14:53:58)

Meeting ended at 14:54:59 UTC (full logs).

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