14:01:37 <mackonstan> #startmeeting FD.io CSIT Project Meeting
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14:01:49 <tifrank> #info Tibor Frank
14:01:50 <vrpolak> #info Vratko Polak.
14:01:52 <jlinkes> #info Juraj LinkeŇ°
14:01:53 <pmikus> #info Peter Mikus
14:02:34 <mackonstan> #topic Agenda bashing
14:03:32 <mackonstan> #topic Inputs from projects: VPP
14:04:02 <mackonstan> #info Andrew: v21.10 rls merge job in progress, some issues with packagecloud connectivity
14:04:38 <mackonstan> #topic Inputs from projects: VSAP
14:04:47 <mackonstan> #info no update
14:04:54 <mackonstan> #topic Inputs from projects: TSC
14:05:57 <mackonstan> #info Maciek: Lijian from Arm accepted by TSC as a TSC member
14:06:32 <mackonstan> #chair
14:06:32 <collab-meetbot`> Current chairs: mackonstan
14:06:48 <mackonstan> #info Dave: licensing is slowly progressing
14:07:11 <mackonstan> #topic New or refactored tests
14:07:21 <dwallacelf> #info Dave Wallace
14:10:09 <mackonstan> #info E810 flow "offload" tests - Peter, MAciek - vpp_device tests were failing and got removed from vpp-csit-verify jobs. Asking Fan to RCA it.
14:11:02 <mackonstan> #info IPsec SPD flow cache patches - Juraj - outbound traffic with flow cache tests retested, passed, and merged
14:11:43 <jlinkes> #link https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/csit/+/34256
14:12:25 <mackonstan> #info Juraj - this is the patch for the new tests, but not adding to job_specs yet, will add once out of csit-2110 rls cycle
14:14:45 <mackonstan> #info Scale tests - Vratko - only missing merge of 34131, to complete the job_spec cleanup from tests that are inflating job execution times beyond the set limits
14:16:27 <mackonstan> #topic Releases  CSIT-2110
14:18:41 <mackonstan> #info Tibor, Maciek - Reducing quantity of tests executed for daily and weekly trending, and for report
14:18:59 <mackonstan> #info Juraj - from Arm's point of view things are looking good
14:21:34 <mackonstan> #info Tibor - rc2 runs are done, output in master report being generated right now, incl. latest results from AWS
14:21:58 <mackonstan> #link https://s3-docs.fd.io/csit/master/report/
14:22:14 <mackonstan> #info updated report at above link in a few hrs
14:22:54 <mackonstan> #info Tibor - expecting rls data in csit-2110 link to be available tue or wed next week
14:32:17 <mackonstan> #info Tibor, Vratko, Maciek - discussion about replacing rc2 data with rls test data, agreed for this to happen once enough rls test result samples are available per testbed type (5 is agreed minimum to provide meaningful stdev)
14:33:10 <mackonstan> #topic Physical Infrastructure
14:35:21 <mackonstan> #info PEter, Maciek - tb24 fixed with NIC replaced after going bad with FW upgrade
14:35:38 <mackonstan> #info Juraj - Ampere servers, may still be 1 or 2 mths away
14:35:55 <mackonstan> #info Maciek - ICX supermicro shipment tracking for mid november
14:38:20 <mackonstan> #info Maciek discussing guesstimates for FD.io lab budget planning for 2022
14:38:32 <mackonstan> #link https://wiki.fd.io/view/CSIT/csit_lab_2022_plan
14:39:52 <mackonstan> #info re 1. AWS Performance Testing - covered outside of lab2022 budget
14:42:54 <mackonstan> #info re Build machines - Faster Arm - Dave proposing to look at AWS Arm instances for build jobs
14:52:00 <mackonstan> #info re 3. Performance testbeds: testbeds - SPR build priced for 2-node testbeds (no 3-node testbeds); Snowridge; Arm
14:52:45 <mackonstan> #info re 4. Replace software Router with a hardware Router - ignoring for now
14:53:26 <mackonstan> #info re 5. Testing Data Analytics - adding placeholder for min 2 SPR servers for data backend  vs AWS alternatives
14:53:59 <mackonstan> #info re 2. Build machines - Faster Arm - adding placeholder for 2 x Ampere server for build vs AWS alternatives
14:55:09 <mackonstan> #info re 4. add warning that we need network topology confirmed by Vexxhost before the final decision about getting or not HW router
14:55:20 <mackonstan> #topic Virtual Infrastructure, CI/CD
14:55:30 <mackonstan> #info Dave - CI running fine, no issues noticed
14:56:55 <mackonstan> #info Dave - needs heads-up from Tibor re report jobs, in order to merge disruptive ci-mgmt patches to disable nexus
14:58:42 <mackonstan> #info Dave - few more steps before nexus can be "powered down"
15:19:38 <mackonstan> #topic Trending/Failures, anomalies
15:25:51 <mackonstan> #info VPP-1995 i40e driver issue, vlan stripping for VF not working - Juraj, Peter, Maciek - Damjan confirmed this is i40e driver issue with specific api change, details to be added to the jira ticket. Maciek will consult with Intel FD.io project leads to see what's the most optimal way to resolve this issue. Affects all Xeon and Arm vpp_device testbeds upgraded to the new dpdk i40e driver.
15:25:54 <mackonstan> #endmeeting