#fdio-meeting: 07-Sep 2022 http://fd.io/ CSIT Project Meeting

Meeting started by tifrank at 14:03:33 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. People present (tifrank, 14:03:49)
    1. Juraj LinkeŇ° (jlinkes, 14:04:12)
    2. Vratko Polak. (vrpolak, 14:05:06)

  2. Agenda bashing (tifrank, 14:05:14)
  3. VPP and CSIT hot items (tifrank, 14:08:37)
    1. move to Ubuntu 22.04 - status check (tifrank, 14:08:44)
    2. nomad (done), 1n-skx (done docker layer, os layer to be done), 2n-skx (decommissioned), 2n-clx (done production), 2n-icx/3n-icx (pmikus testing), 3n-alt (hw issue with tg, dut done), 2n-dnv/3n-dnv (skipped for jammy), 2n-tx2 (tbd), 3n-tsh (tbd), 3n-snr (not yet productized) (tifrank, 14:08:52)
    3. to help with DPDK testpmd 3n-alt issues, can we upgrade xl710 NIC firmware on 3n-alt? (would require moving NICs betweeen x86 and alt servers) (jlinkes, 14:11:29)
    4. are there any spare NICs in the lab we could use to reproduce the issue? (jlinkes, 14:12:11)
    5. we'll continue to try to debug this further, but the above would help a lot with determining whether the issue is in hardware or software (jlinkes, 14:13:01)
    6. vpp-csit-verify-device jobs - vpp ubuntu 20.04 images don't work on ubuntu 22.04 (tifrank, 14:15:21)
    7. proposal: drop these jobs for vpp ubuntu 20.04 images, as env moved to ubuntu 22.04 (tifrank, 14:15:47)
    8. VPP AVF incompabitility with updated Intel FVL drivers: i40e-2.19.3 and iavf 4.5.3 (tifrank, 14:16:51)
    9. Causing all VPP AVF perf tests failing (tifrank, 14:17:02)
    10. Fixing VPP patch to be merged: 37079: avf: check for VLAN_TOGGLE capability (tifrank, 14:17:10)
    11. https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/vpp/+/37079 (tifrank, 14:17:15)
    12. Vratko gave +1. Some discussions abut what the perf verify job should return, but not blocking the fix. (vrpolak, 14:18:08)
    13. aarch64 VPP Device jobs have been fixed; all patches merged, but waiting for env upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04. When the env is upgraded, we'll do another round of testing and barring new issues, aarch64 VPP Device jobs will be fully enabled (jlinkes, 14:20:26)

Meeting ended at 14:21:08 UTC (full logs).

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  1. tifrank (14)
  2. jlinkes (5)
  3. collab-meetbot (4)
  4. vrpolak (2)

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