#fdio-meeting: FD.io CSIT Project Meeting

Meeting started by mackonstan at 15:02:14 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Agenda bashing (mackonstan, 15:02:42)
    1. Tibor Frank (tifrank, 15:02:46)
    2. Dave Wallace (dwallacelf, 15:03:31)
    3. Maciek Konstantynowicz (mackonstan, 15:04:51)
    4. Peter Mikus (pmikus, 15:05:44)

  2. VPP update (mackonstan, 15:05:49)
    1. no updates (mackonstan, 15:06:01)

  3. VSAP (mackonstan, 15:06:16)
    1. Dave, update from Florin, VSAP tests are working fine, but the VSAP dev team got reduced, and currently working on DMA/DSA for hoststack (mackonstan, 15:07:06)

  4. TSC (mackonstan, 15:07:14)
    1. Maciek, got auth for buying few connectx5 NICs, vexxhost ticket open (mackonstan, 15:07:46)
    2. Dave, progressing purchase of DRAM for arm build machines (mackonstan, 15:08:04)
    3. Maciek, TSC chair voting is in progress (mackonstan, 15:08:29)
    4. Dave, make test refactoring in progress, addressing scapy gpl licensing (mackonstan, 15:09:21)

  5. E810 flow "offload" tests (mackonstan, 15:09:48)
    1. no update (mackonstan, 15:09:58)

  6. VPP v22.02 rc1 rc2 hot patch(es) items (mackonstan, 15:10:41)
    1. Maciek MTU handling and impact on tests tracked in csit and vpp tickets (mackonstan, 15:11:20)
    2. Maciek DPDK v21.11 introduced perf regression across the board, per discussions last week in vpp and csit calls, i think CSIT ticket tracking for that too (mackonstan, 15:12:18)
    3. Fan Zhang (fan_zhang, 15:12:31)
    4. Fan, no bandwidth / capacity to test proposed dpdk src workaround by dpdk folks (mackonstan, 15:13:46)
    5. Fan, also see email thread on dpdk-dev mailer (mackonstan, 15:15:03)
    6. http://mails.dpdk.org/archives/dev/2022-March/236896.html (fan_zhang, 15:15:07)
    7. Fan, will keep csit project posted on the fix progress (mackonstan, 15:16:49)
    8. Maciek, will refer to dpdk thread in csit jira ticket trackign the issue (mackonstan, 15:18:05)

  7. csit-2202 (mackonstan, 15:18:25)
    1. Tibor, all iterative jobs finished/ing, enough data to generate report (mackonstan, 15:19:26)
    2. Tibor, coverage tests started (mackonstan, 15:19:37)
    3. Tibor, draft report contains vpp v22.02 iterative data, and half-half of v22.02 - rc2 coverage data, per breakdown in email (mackonstan, 15:20:46)
    4. https://lists.fd.io/g/csit-dev/message/4465 (mackonstan, 15:20:58)
    5. Tibor, report static conent, only rls notes to be updated (mackonstan, 15:21:43)
    6. Tibor, need to start to validate formatting/rendering of graphs/tables, counting on Viliam's, Maciek's, et al (mackonstan, 15:22:51)
    7. Viliam, processed all failures, same failures as in trending, 7/10 are intermittent, but 2 are failing new - i) 3n-icx ndr imix ipsec cbc can't find NDR, ii) af_xdp can't find NDR. (mackonstan, 15:30:08)
    8. Maciek re regressions, waiting for Vratko (away today) (mackonstan, 15:30:40)
    9. Tibor, predicting majority of coverage tests to be finished by eow, but single testbed configs will have a long tail of tests to execute (mackonstan, 15:32:03)

  8. Physical Infrastructure (mackonstan, 15:33:42)
    1. Peter - yul1 DC received two of supermicro icx systems, two ampere ultra servers expected this friday (mackonstan, 15:35:04)
    2. Maciek, Peter - will send email re the next stage of perf systems build in yul1, two options: either 2n-icx perf testbed, or 3n-amp and 3n-snowridge (mackonstan, 15:40:20)

  9. Virtual Infrastructure, CI/CD (mackonstan, 15:42:24)
    1. Dave, working with hICN to fix vpp dependencies for them (mackonstan, 15:44:20)
    2. Dave, Peter, nomad jenkins workers/slaves getting killed due to out of memory, intermittent .. (mackonstan, 15:45:18)
    3. Peter, observing ECC errors on arm machines (mackonstan, 15:46:04)

  10. Environment, Framework (mackonstan, 15:46:28)
  11. Trending (mackonstan, 15:46:38)
    1. Viliam, see failures reported in email to csit-report (mackonstan, 15:51:21)
    2. https://lists.fd.io/g/csit-report/message/5442 (mackonstan, 15:51:24)

Meeting ended at 15:51:27 UTC (full logs).

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