13:59:09 <mackonstan> #startmeeting FD.io CSIT Project Meeting
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13:59:17 <mackonstan> #info mackonstan
13:59:48 <vrpolak> #info Vratko Polak.
14:00:36 <tifrank> #info Tibor Frank
14:00:58 <mackonstan> #topic Agenda bashing
14:01:21 <mackonstan> #chair mackonstan tifrank vrpolak
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14:03:03 <mackonstan> #topic Inputs from projects - VPP
14:06:59 <mackonstan> #info Maciek, interesting discussion on VPP call yesterday
14:07:10 <viliamluc> #info
14:07:44 <mackonstan> #info Maciek, I provided readout about csit-2202 failures, Vratko provided readout about regressions
14:13:53 <mackonstan> #info Dave, a long ranging discussion about amount of performance centric contributions and CSIT benchmarking data
14:14:08 <dwallacelf> #info Dave Wallace
14:19:53 <mackonstan> #info Vratko, started discussing regressions, but didn't not get to any concrete followups (except the "mem copy" improvement impacting tests) (Vratko to provide jira reference)
14:20:27 <mackonstan> #info Dave, recommend we keep performance as a standing topic for vpp calls
14:21:11 <mackonstan> #topic Inputs from projects - TSC
14:21:42 <mackonstan> #info Dave, working with Casey, Vanessa (and Andy G) re AWS usage and cost and billing
14:22:55 <mackonstan> #info Dave, proposing to have budget readouts quarterly
14:23:04 <vrpolak> #link https://jira.fd.io/browse/CSIT-1815  <-- The Jira reference.
14:23:36 <mackonstan> #info Dave, added list of events with LFN presence
14:25:39 <mackonstan> #info Maciek - **vppcfg** new project proposal - readout to CSIT on 27-Apr
14:25:57 <mackonstan> #link https://wiki.fd.io/view/Project_Proposals/vppcfg
14:27:10 <mackonstan> #topic New or being refactored tests
14:27:47 <mackonstan> #info E810 flow "offload" tests - need Fan to provide update
14:28:17 <jlinkes> #info Juraj LinkeŇ°
14:28:47 <mackonstan> #info Scale tests revisited - Vratko, we need to discuss options first, before setting to code the prototype
14:29:52 <mackonstan> #info Vratko, adding different frame sizes support for TRex ASTF tests
14:30:08 <mackonstan> #link https://lists.fd.io/g/csit-dev/message/4482
14:30:58 <mackonstan> #topic VPP hot items
14:31:10 <mackonstan> #info VPP MTU handling, Vratko, no updates.
14:31:20 <mackonstan> #topic CSIT hot items
14:32:00 <mackonstan> #info re Spectre-BHB security vulnerability, Maciek
14:32:13 <mackonstan> #info Maciek, no update from Intel
14:32:22 <mackonstan> #info Juraj, no update from Arm
14:34:05 <mackonstan> #info Keesang, AMD published recommendation, Keesang will update the reference list with AMD specific info in fd.io gerrit
14:34:42 <mackonstan> #topic Releases - CSIT-2206
14:35:42 <mackonstan> #info Andrew, from vpp side note stats segment refactor
14:36:26 <mackonstan> #info see patch 66c85838
14:37:00 <mackonstan> #info Maciek, Vratko - bumping dpdk to v22.03 already in vpp master
14:38:44 <vrpolak> #link https://gerrit.fd.io/r/q/topic:%22dpdk_22_03-bump%22  <-- 3 patches doing the DPDK version bump, merged to VPP master (not stable/2202).
14:40:43 <mackonstan> #topic Physical Infrastructure
14:42:29 <mackonstan> #info Maciek, Juraj, 3n-alt numbers are available now, 11 Mpps per core for ip4-base
14:43:50 <vrpolak> #link 35640: stats: convert error counters to normal counters | https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/vpp/+/35640
14:45:36 <mackonstan> #info Maciek, Peter, looking at optimising space in existing racks and considering removal of 2n-skx testbeds to make space for new 3n-snr and more icx ones.
14:46:22 <mackonstan> #info Maciek, Peter, we should do our best to avoid putting fat 4RU servers in the racks ... if it's at all possible
14:49:26 <mackonstan> #info Keesang, AMD, following up with Peter re BIOS settings.
14:53:14 <mackonstan> #info Keesang, AMD, requesting again pointers for vpp performance tests - settings, methodology, results - so that AMD team can review it and provide suggestions.
14:55:51 <mackonstan> #info Maciek, will provide the pointers
15:00:07 <mackonstan> #info Maciek, Keesang, Peter, schedule a dedicated slot for AMD performance results review - FD.io CSIT labs vs. AMD CSIT labs
15:02:17 <mackonstan> #info Keesang, will ask the AMD team to join the CSIT call next week
15:02:34 <mackonstan> #topic Trending
15:02:47 <mackonstan> #info Dave, would like to follow up on request to add hoststack tests to trending
15:02:56 <mackonstan> #info Tibor, will work on it
15:03:33 <mackonstan> #endmeeting