14:00:15 <mackonstan> #startmeeting FD.io CSIT Project Meeting
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14:01:24 <mackonstan> #info mackonstan
14:02:14 <vrpolak> #info Vratko Polak.
14:05:07 <tifrank> #info Tibor Frank
14:07:31 <mackonstan> #chair tifrank vrpolak mackonstan jlinkes
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14:07:41 <mackonstan> #topic Agenda bashing
14:08:14 <jlinkes> #info Juraj LinkeŇ°
14:08:49 <mackonstan> #into need to add a standalone topic covering all aspects of ubuntu 22.04
14:09:03 <mackonstan> #topic Inputs from projects - VPP
14:10:01 <mackonstan> #info info from Andrew: dpdk bump gerrit - since we are 4 weeks from RC1 would be nice to get it in within 2 weeks
14:10:59 <mackonstan> #link 36785: dpdk: bump to 22.07 | https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/vpp/+/36785
14:11:17 <mackonstan> #info Fan, can be merged once ubuntu 22.04 is there
14:12:11 <mackonstan> #topic Inputs from projects - TSC
14:12:59 <mackonstan> #info Vrako, Ray Kinsella is stepping down from TSC (John DiGiglio is stepping in, Ray is leaving Intel)
14:14:35 <mackonstan> #info John's nomination to TSC will be formalized in tomorrow's TSC call
14:15:02 <mackonstan> #info Vratko, hICN fd.io project officially archived
14:15:18 <mackonstan> #topic New or being refactored tests - E810 flow "offload" tests
14:17:19 <mackonstan> #info mackonstan, fan - real reason behind gtpu hw tests not yielding the right results on 4p25gbe cvl nics, is old trex version, need to bump it up
14:17:45 <mackonstan> #info mackonstan - any trex version change would need to happen after move to ubuntu 22.04
14:18:36 <mackonstan> #topic New or being refactored tests - Scale tests revisited
14:18:48 <mackonstan> #info Vratko, code is there, but waiting for ubuntu 22.04 environment
14:19:17 <mackonstan> #topic VPP and CSIT hot items - dpdk: bump to 22.07
14:20:20 <mackonstan> #info Fan, internal Intel tests show no performance impact whatsoever
14:21:04 <mackonstan> #info mackonstan, would like to coordinate with Fan and Vratko perf tests on this patch once 2n-clx testbeds are fully operational on ubuntu 22.04
14:22:08 <mackonstan> #topic VPP and CSIT hot items - Intel FVL/CVL driver compatibility matrix - FW, DPDK, AVF
14:22:32 <mackonstan> #link 36929: feat(ansible): Ubuntu Jammy VI. | https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/csit/+/36929
14:22:44 <mackonstan> #link Compatibility matrix: https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/csit/+/36929/3/fdio.infra.ansible/roles/intel/defaults/main.yaml
14:23:57 <mackonstan> #info mackonstan, Fan - will work with Intel team / Yulong to have this file reviewed (constructed based on dpdk 22.07 rls notes) and if any comments or caveats
14:24:29 <mackonstan> #topic VPP and CSIT hot items - move to Ubuntu 22.04
14:25:00 <mackonstan> #info update from Peter, 2n-clx are ready for testing
14:25:22 <mackonstan> #info waiting for Dave's docker executor images
14:26:27 <mackonstan> #info update from Dave, images should be ready and operational and available in docker hub today/tomorrow
14:28:29 <mackonstan> #info mackonstan, need to track 4 things blocked by env upgrade to ubuntu 22.04 - gtpu, scaled papi, dpdk bump, xx?
14:29:43 <mackonstan> #topic VPP and CSIT hot items - Spectre-BHB security vulnerability
14:30:17 <mackonstan> #info for all Xeon platforms - recommendation from Intel is to do this: use `spectre_v2=retpoline` in the grub line
14:33:02 <mackonstan> #info need recommendations from other vendors for other platforms - Fan for Atom/SNR, Juraj for Arm platforms (alt, tx2, tsh), xx for AMD
14:34:52 <mackonstan> #info re spectre-meltdown-checker - there is updated merged patch, only an active / not merged patch open since April 2022
14:35:40 <mackonstan> #topic CSIT Releases
14:36:21 <mackonstan> #info Vratko, have a number of long tail RCAs to investigate, not substantial, currently on a back burner
14:36:39 <mackonstan> #info Vratko, re csit-2205 leftovers, have a number of long tail RCAs to investigate, not substantial, currently on a back burner
14:37:36 <mackonstan> #info mackonstan, re csit-2210, rc1 4 wks away, main blocking thing is upgrade to ubuntu 22.04
14:38:22 <mackonstan> #topic Physical Infrastructure
14:39:27 <mackonstan> #info update from Peter, 3n-snr - mechanics (jenkins jobs, ansible, framework) is ready but traffic is not passing VPP most probably due to MAC adresses. Consulting with Intel / Georgii to have it resolved.
14:41:46 <mackonstan> #info update from Peter, 2n-skx and 3n-skx testbeds - have been moved out of production, no trending tests, or any regular automated tests. Plan is to have them decommissioned and donated to educational institutions in proximity of LFN Vexxhost DCs in Montreal.
14:42:10 <mackonstan> #topic Virtual Infrastructure, CI/CD
14:42:41 <mackonstan> #info input from Peter and Dave, nomad clusters are running on ubuntu 22.04 for some time now
14:43:10 <mackonstan> #topic Environment, Framework
14:43:26 <mackonstan> #info Vratko - bumped up the vpp api msgs that csit is using
14:43:51 <mackonstan> #topic Trending
14:45:12 <mackonstan> #info Tibor - in csit uti (csit.fd.io) - added a new page showing trending failures, progressions and regressions, with the aim to replace the daily emails sent to csit-report mailer
14:45:39 <mackonstan> #link http://csit.fd.io/news/#eNrLyk-yTczJAQAKzAKy
14:45:54 <mackonstan> #info inputs from the community are very welcome
14:46:48 <mackonstan> #info html trending pages are not longer showing latest trending data, as the html generating job got removed
14:48:58 <mackonstan> #info Tibor, still thinking how to link the together the static information (e.g. test methodology) and the dynamic data in the csit uti (csit.fd.io)
14:51:06 <mackonstan> #info mackonstan, Tibor, would like to get feedback from community about switching away from csit-report emails to the dynamic uti pages, including historical information. including the historical info.
14:51:59 <mackonstan> #info Viliam, re trending failures, see updated list in csit meeting agenda
14:53:08 <mackonstan> #link https://wiki.fd.io/view/CSIT/Meeting => scroll down to: 10. Trending => Failures, anomalies, breakages => Current issues
14:56:10 <mackonstan> #endmeeting