16:01:00 <edwarnicke> #startmeeting VPP Weekly Meeting 2016-03-08
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16:01:20 <edwarnicke> #chair keith_wiles
16:01:20 <collabot`> Current chairs: edwarnicke keith_wiles
16:01:43 <edwarnicke> #chair cj MarkusMagnusson skobza
16:01:43 <collabot`> Current chairs: MarkusMagnusson cj edwarnicke keith_wiles skobza
16:02:15 <edwarnicke> #topic Agenda Additions
16:03:12 <tfherbert> What is webex url for meeting?
16:03:22 <cj> https://cisco.webex.com/mc3000/meetingcenter/newdocshow/newdocshowframe.do?eptParams=QUhTSwAAAAJmgZimngr2iuDTZwDo4iAsx2ppSgJeDFaNTbF-zrZFHdIeqwhWgMKzJvzZLOGnj9qRoWS28OQhVdTLYpDeJFprcZTfKmbOewHrYbQom_bA2WYSdbuBKzyLdemWBeZDp826U4eFYxoKhKcjhRmEZ_mWJBh5QEnt2iXrCUb6p4MbklEFDGV1d-ULVPUGuRnsmGjWI5b43d9G1XmULYm2yMucOzsxv-NYrcsU3Rp0PU_wRxKhpu70RkcsHBZVF9pwmbQlFe0KHNJw56FX9KFxPI3usH2cFtVNclQeZp_MUjdqQYjd87MbLjztRvdDoxq
16:03:28 <cj> 7z5oTBvcK6ROl9WfD4vwM0Pf7RCLh1PHuvkbF93nTkHFMssZ0a6B9obZC9Klh3EFXkpYfJ7N3K9OAB-UJfaeRnNrZsY4zKBKlANX56Nb_H1ha3Up6lNNO17As_I_ARCtowrtjAKlAWmcfZ2P09jfewRPg4pHWqY0tZQPSivpHMd9ybEBMyA2m9TdoOHhac88pvbb9U2T-A-uDiFI_OCcWg1nBUo82fzDh4uLafc9uo3yHt9PPoh0jc7Vofab-y0ndsf_kgMYhejQkR_uh6taF0sffiRE0ZFqxz3rUKgrMc3llvA2&siteurl=ciscosales
16:03:33 <cj> oh gosh
16:03:40 <edwarnicke> #link https://wiki.fd.io/view/VPP/Meeting#Meeting_Details
16:03:41 <DaveBarach> https://cisco.webex.com/ciscosales/j.php?MTID=m1d7f442b1d1c768299ede75a84f86eb3
16:04:13 <tfherbert> Thanks!
16:04:35 <edwarnicke> #chair tfherbert
16:04:35 <collabot`> Current chairs: MarkusMagnusson cj edwarnicke keith_wiles skobza tfherbert
16:05:17 <edwarnicke> #chair alagalah
16:05:17 <collabot`> Current chairs: MarkusMagnusson alagalah cj edwarnicke keith_wiles skobza tfherbert
16:06:46 <edwarnicke> #topic CSIT update
16:06:53 <Anticimex> https://cisco.webex.com/mc3000/meetingcenter/newdocshow/newdocshowframe.do?eptParams=QUhTSwAAAAJmgZimngr2iuDTZwDo4iAsx2ppSgJeDFaNTbF-zrZFHdIeqwhWgMKzJvzZLOGnj9qRoWS28OQhVdTLYpDeJFprcZTfKmbOewHrYbQom_bA2WYSdbuBKzyLdemWBeZDp826U4eFYxoKhKcjhRmEZ_mWJBh5QEnt2iXrCUb6p4MbklEFDGV1d-ULVPUGuRnsmGjWI5b43d9G1XmULYm2yMucOzsxv-NYrcsU3Rp0PU_wRxKhpu70RkcsHBZVF9pwmbQlFe0KHNJw56FX9KFxPI3usH2cFtVNclQeZp_MUjdqQYjd87MbLjzt
16:06:59 <Anticimex> RvdDoxq7z5oTBvcK6ROl9WfD4vwM0Pf7RC ...
16:07:01 <Anticimex> ... Lh1PHuvkbF93nTkHFMssZ0a6B9obZC9Klh3EFXkpYfJ7N3K9OAB-UJfaeRnNrZsY4zKBKlANX56Nb_H1ha3Up6lNNO17As_I_ARCtowrtjAKlAWmcfZ2P09jfewRPg4pHWqY0tZQPSivpHMd9ybEBMyA2m9TdoOHhac88pvbb9U2T-A-uDiFI_OCcWg1nBUo82fzDh4uLafc9uo3yHt9PPoh0jc7Vofab-y0ndsf_kgMYhejQkR_uh6taF0sffiRE0ZFqxz3rUKgrMc3llvA2&siteurl=ciscosales
16:07:06 <Anticimex> darn, apologies.
16:07:16 <edwarnicke> cj: I've muted you because of echo, unmute yourself when you want to speak
16:07:26 <edwarnicke> #info virl testing is going well, has been for weeks now
16:07:42 <tfherbert> I get no audio.
16:08:10 <ashyoun__> #info Ashlee Young
16:08:12 <edwarnicke> tfherbert: You have to join the audio bridge
16:08:18 <edwarnicke> #chair ashyoun__
16:08:18 <collabot`> Current chairs: MarkusMagnusson alagalah ashyoun__ cj edwarnicke keith_wiles skobza tfherbert
16:08:27 <tfherbert> ed: OK
16:08:36 <edwarnicke> tfherbert: I see you on the web share, but no phone or headphones means you havent' connected audio
16:10:25 <afredette> edwarnicke: I'm having same problem.
16:10:25 <tmonjalo> Hi, I'm trying to join. Download of webex applet in progress...
16:10:34 <edwarnicke> tmonjalo: :)
16:11:08 <afredette> webex won't let me join via app.  when I dial into meeting phone number on fd.io, it says the access code is invalid.
16:12:19 <tfherbert> afredette: call in is 408-525-6800 acess code: 207282874 meeting number is 207282874
16:12:20 <edwarnicke> afredette: I see you on the share... have you tried the audio menu at the top to ask it to call you?
16:12:38 <tfherbert> NO, ed said to use bridge.
16:12:39 <afredette> I have.  I dropped and will try again.
16:14:43 <edwarnicke> #chair VincentJ
16:14:43 <collabot`> Current chairs: MarkusMagnusson VincentJ alagalah ashyoun__ cj edwarnicke keith_wiles skobza tfherbert
16:16:50 <VincentJ> Do we have a call?
16:16:58 <VincentJ> Webex tells me "meeting cancelled"
16:16:58 <edwarnicke> VincentJ:  https://wiki.fd.io/view/VPP/Meeting#Meeting_Details
16:17:30 <edwarnicke> VincentJ: Updated invite was sent yesterday, pointing to info here: https://wiki.fd.io/view/VPP/Meeting#Meeting_Details
16:17:35 <keith_wiles> Clink on the link in the web page to join
16:18:26 <edwarnicke> #topic Getting DPDK tarball mirrored up to nexus
16:18:31 <edwarnicke> #info cj is still working it
16:18:47 <edwarnicke> #info DaveBarach is still seeing intermittent download fails from dpdk.org
16:21:24 <edwarnicke> #topic Jira Workflow
16:21:29 <keith_wiles> Using git to clone the repo for dpdk.org has always worked for me. The tarball maybe the site does not support a large number of pulls or something
16:22:00 <edwarnicke> #link https://lists.fd.io/pipermail/vpp-dev/2016-March/000053.html <- thread about Jira workflow on mailing lists
16:22:07 <tmonjalo> keith_wiles: there was an issue last week but it is solved now
16:22:11 <tfherbert> keith_wiles: yes, they have bandwidth issues where dpdk.org is posted. html tools like wget and curl can hang.
16:23:02 <edwarnicke> #link https://wiki.fd.io/view/VPP/jira_workflow <- picture of proposed workflow
16:23:13 <Anticimex> Android app does show the picture fine
16:23:15 <edwarnicke> afredette: Are you still having issues getting on the call?
16:23:23 <afredette> I'm in
16:23:30 <edwarnicke> afredette: Woot!
16:23:55 <afredette> don't see the share - must be a WebEx Linux issue, though it's worked for me before
16:24:00 <edwarnicke> #info alagalah suggests an 'In Review' state
16:24:26 <edwarnicke> #info ChrisPriceAB suggests you can have a resolved state before you close the bug
16:24:45 <afredette> edwarnicke: this has different info for the meeting: https://wiki.fd.io/view/Meetings
16:24:48 <keith_wiles> I still do not like the idea of the tarball as it is a large bandwidth hog each time and a git clone once and then a git pull is a much lighter bandwidth hog and then set the tag or branch to the correct version
16:25:11 <afredette> edwarnicke: should have info in one place
16:25:31 <tfherbert> afredette: wiki.fd.io/view/VPP/jira_workflow and wiki.fd.io/view/VPP/Meeting#Agenda
16:25:41 <Anticimex> keith_wiles: the first "mirror list location" could be local disk
16:26:16 <tmonjalo> Anticimex: should be
16:26:39 <keith_wiles> Yes we can pull to local place, but git is just one step per say
16:27:23 <Anticimex> how large is the dpdk tarball? git's not really supposed to carry around binary data IMO
16:28:40 <tfherbert> anticimex: I think it is about 16MB last I checked.
16:29:50 <keith_wiles> The clone maybe larger, but the pull should be a lot less. You should only need to do the clone once.
16:32:29 <keith_wiles> using git-repo maybe a good solution here : https://code.google.com/p/git-repo/
16:33:52 <edwarnicke> #info Ash Young is looking at packaging for upstreaming
16:36:15 <edwarnicke> #info VincentJ has sent patches to help with Ubuntu 15.10 packaging
16:37:23 <VincentJ> +Jean Mickael
16:37:55 <edwarnicke> #link https://wiki.fd.io/view/TSC#Future_Agenda_Items <- TSC Future Agenda Items... good place to look for scheduled Project Creation Reviews
16:38:03 <edwarnicke> #topic Code Activity
16:39:57 <edwarnicke> #link https://gerrit.fd.io/r/#/c/466/ <- Thanks Nikhil for fixing thread/clone bug
16:40:38 <edwarnicke> #info 18 merged (down from 22 last week)
16:40:44 <edwarnicke> #topic Consumability
16:41:28 <edwarnicke> alagalah: Could you #link in the wiki page for troubleshooting ?
16:45:17 <alagalah> #link https://wiki.fd.io/view/VPP/Troubleshooting/Vagrant Vagrant specific troubleshooting page (one issue thus far)
16:49:03 <edwarnicke> #endmeeting