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14:59:49 <edwarnicke> #chair MarkusMagnusson ChrisPriceAB dmarion jmcnamara keith_wiles mackonstan skobza tfherbert DaveBarach
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15:00:08 <DaveBarach> #info dbarach present
15:00:18 <cj> #info cj present
15:00:26 <alagalah> edwarnicke: you can #chair me so I can assist
15:00:34 <edwarnicke> #chair alagalah
15:00:34 <collabot> Current chairs: ChrisPriceAB DaveBarach MarkusMagnusson alagalah dmarion edwarnicke jmcnamara keith_wiles mackonstan skobza tfherbert
15:00:40 <edwarnicke> alagalah: Apologies for missing you earlier
15:00:46 <alagalah> edwarnicke: no need, I just got on
15:00:48 <edwarnicke> #chair cj
15:00:48 <collabot> Current chairs: ChrisPriceAB DaveBarach MarkusMagnusson alagalah cj dmarion edwarnicke jmcnamara keith_wiles mackonstan skobza tfherbert
15:01:58 <edwarnicke> #topic Agenda Bashing
15:02:26 <tfherbert> #info TF Herbert
15:03:21 <edwarnicke> edwarnicke: would like to also update briefly on package builds etc
15:03:56 <DaveBarach> #info csit update from Maciek
15:04:11 <DaveBarach> #topic csit update from Maciek
15:04:41 <DaveBarach> #info csit test plan posted, feedback welcom
15:05:10 <DaveBarach> #info doc in progress to onboard new test cases
15:07:14 <tfherbert> #info Can't get into webex. Maybe I have an old link?
15:07:22 <Chrisy_> go to the wiki page
15:08:23 <Chrisy> https://wiki.fd.io/view/VPP/Meeting  has the link :)
15:09:53 <tfherbert> I am in, thanks.
15:10:27 <edwarnicke> #chair Chrisy
15:10:27 <collabot> Current chairs: ChrisPriceAB Chrisy DaveBarach MarkusMagnusson alagalah cj dmarion edwarnicke jmcnamara keith_wiles mackonstan skobza tfherbert
15:21:36 <edwarnicke> #link https://wiki.fd.io/view/VPP/Installing_VPP_binaries_from_packages <- How to install VPP from packages
15:28:27 <ChrisPriceAB> sorry edwarnicke have our OPNFV Colorado meeting at this time and I can't participate...
15:51:47 <tfherbert> +1
12:53:08 <Chrisy> everyone keep your fingers crossed that i get good news from my lawyers this morning :)
12:53:36 <Chrisy> i'm deperately keen to get this debug cli code in before code freeze
17:32:23 <smart__petea> Hello everyone. I need your help. On lenova ideapad it is installed lubuntu amd64 15.10. Vagrantfile is configured to have two network cards (nic = 2, bridge mode). I follow the instructions from wiki(building vpp) - ifconfig down and flush dev. vpp can't detect my network card but lshw identify it. Why? What can I do?
17:32:52 <Chrisy> is the nic supported by dpdk?
17:34:31 <smart__petea> yes
17:34:44 <smart__petea> this is standard one from virtualbox
17:35:00 <Chrisy> e1000?
17:35:21 <smart__petea> one second
17:35:27 <Chrisy> tried listing the pci dev id into startup.conf?
17:35:36 <smart__petea> yes
17:35:38 <smart__petea> on 5002
17:35:58 <smart__petea> i'm trying to start vpp
17:36:12 <smart__petea> and show int didn't show me anything
17:36:20 <smart__petea> only lo and pg/local
17:36:35 <Chrisy> you have the igb_uio kernel mod loaded?
17:37:04 <smart__petea> let me check
17:37:57 <smart__petea> nic = Intel Pro/1000 MT Desktop (82540EM)
17:38:13 <Chrisy> lsmod | grep uio
17:39:44 <smart__petea> empty result
17:39:53 <Chrisy> modprobe igb_uio
17:40:06 <Chrisy> to load the uio component of dpdk into the kernel
17:40:51 <smart__petea> hm. could not ope moddep file '/lib/modules/../modules.dep.bin
17:41:24 <smart__petea> Do I have to work with dpdk?
17:41:46 <Chrisy> did you let it build & install the vpp .deb packages?
17:41:58 <Chrisy> it builds dpdk for you
17:42:15 <smart__petea> it was installed autamatic by 'vagrant up'
17:42:22 <Chrisy> but if it can't fine moddep, try 'sudo depmod -a' first
17:42:31 <Chrisy> fine/find
17:42:40 <smart__petea> i'll try once more to install deb files
17:42:43 <Chrisy> and then 'sudo modprobe igb_uio'
17:43:10 <Chrisy> if modprobe can't find its dependencies file then something else is going on
17:43:36 <smart__petea> I have a clue. I have to work with it.
17:43:46 <smart__petea> May be the problem is
17:43:57 <smart__petea> that the shared folder is not mounted
17:44:11 <smart__petea> this is an error message from vagrant up
17:44:34 <smart__petea> "Failed to mount folders in Linux guest" and so on
17:44:36 <smart__petea> ?
17:45:03 <Chrisy> strange. do you have the virtualbox additions installed in the VM?
17:46:24 <smart__petea> I can't find *.iso for virtualbox additions
17:46:44 <smart__petea> I have to install it.
17:47:12 <smart__petea> Thank you for all. I'll disturb you tomorrow with your permission.
17:48:47 <Chrisy> you're welcome, and if i am around, sure
18:16:21 <smart__petea> Hello Chrisy. Your advises were helpful. I have run the command " apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)" on guest. The shared folder has mounted. But modprobe didn't insert igb_uio. The error message is "could not insert igb_uio: invalid argument"
18:16:41 <smart__petea> What should I do?
18:49:07 <tmonjalo> smart__petea: you can try to find the file igb_uio.ko and insmod it
18:49:47 <smart__petea> thx. I'll try
18:51:04 <smart__petea> hm. can't find
18:51:30 <smart__petea> sorry
18:51:38 <smart__petea> I found it
18:52:29 <smart__petea> it say "unknown symbol in module"
18:52:47 <smart__petea> any hints?
18:53:50 <tmonjalo> new error, you progress :)
18:53:58 <smart__petea> :)
18:54:17 <smart__petea> from /var/log/syslog -> unknown symbo uio_unregister_device
18:54:25 <smart__petea> from /var/log/syslog -> unknown symbol uio_unregister_device
18:54:29 <tmonjalo> oh yes
18:54:40 <tmonjalo> you have to do modprobe uio before
18:54:50 <smart__petea> :)
18:54:54 <smart__petea> let me try
18:56:08 <smart__petea> it's ok. I go to next step
18:56:26 <tmonjalo> good
18:57:57 <smart__petea> o my god. I can see GigabitEthernet0/8/0 in my vppctl show int
18:58:05 <smart__petea> I owe you a beer
18:58:32 <tmonjalo> :)
18:58:44 <tmonjalo> it depends, where do you live?
18:59:18 <smart__petea> Republic of Moldova.
18:59:28 <smart__petea> town - Balti
18:59:31 <smart__petea> but you?
19:00:20 <tmonjalo> Bordeaux - France
19:01:10 <smart__petea> I think I'll have the occasion to say you "merci" alive
19:01:11 <smart__petea> :)
19:01:23 <Chrisy> hey, glad to see you got it sorted
19:01:37 <smart__petea> Hello Chrisy
19:02:01 <smart__petea> I go to next step. I'm newbie in vpp world.
19:02:14 <Chrisy> we were all once :)
19:02:35 <smart__petea> Thank you for all. Good night
15:02:00 <DaveBarach> #info dbarach present
15:02:19 <MarkusMagnusson> #info Markus Magnusson
15:02:23 <Chrisy> #info Chris Luke
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15:03:08 <keith_wiles> #info Keith Wiles
15:03:16 <alagalah> #endmeeting