14:54:41 <DaveBarach> #startmeeting fdio vpp
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15:05:54 <DaveBarach> #topic CSIT project report - dave wallace
15:06:13 <DaveBarach> #info lost all long/short perf data in weekend fd.io infra outage
15:08:07 <alagalah> hello ?
15:08:18 <Chrisy> hello!
15:08:30 <alagalah> cool ...
15:08:46 <DaveBarach> #info csit P0's should be completed given resources available
15:08:53 <alagalah> #info dwallacelf mentions that all CSIT tasks for 1609 are in JIRA.. .and are using labels 1609-P1 etc for prioritisation
15:09:14 <DaveBarach> #info Erin, dwallace, doing a 16.09 gap analysis, not ready to report yet
15:09:19 <alagalah> #info dwallacelf and Erin are doing a gap analysis of CSIT vs VPP features ... assume this is for 1612 planning
15:09:50 <alagalah> #info alagalah will stop talking over DaveBarach in both RL and in IRC :-P
15:10:25 <DaveBarach> keith, feel free to take any notes you like... (:-)...
15:11:09 <DaveBarach> #topic marek reporting on Honeycomb
15:11:22 <DaveBarach> #info HC API freeze is tomorrow
15:11:54 <DaveBarach> #info HC minimal distro work (small footprint) in progress
15:12:12 <DaveBarach> #info jvpp plugin in review
15:12:46 <DaveBarach> #topic NSH / SFC Keith Burns reporting
15:12:55 <DaveBarach> #info ODL/SFC trucking along
15:13:30 <DaveBarach> #info Ed reports mtg yesterday, HC patches needed / in-flight,
15:13:34 <DaveBarach> #info integration next
15:14:04 <DaveBarach> #info discussion of NSH proxy patch; comment "not the right approach"
15:14:21 <DaveBarach> #info comments solicited
15:14:58 <DaveBarach> #action Keith to work with Hongjun to resolve
15:15:08 <DaveBarach> #topic LISP report from Florin Coras
15:15:17 <DaveBarach> #info multiple patches merged
15:15:47 <DaveBarach> #info on track for release
15:16:29 <DaveBarach> #topic Sandbox, Pierre on PTO
15:16:39 <DaveBarach> #info a couple of patches merged by Keith
15:16:51 <DaveBarach> #info plan to add Matt-J's ssvm ethernet demo
15:17:21 <DaveBarach> #topic TLDK Keith W. reports nothing much this week due to dpdk summit
15:17:36 <DaveBarach> #info Konstantin is in Ireland
15:18:02 <DaveBarach> #topic Ed W. on DPDK packaging
15:18:06 <DaveBarach> #info patches in flight
15:18:15 <alagalah> #topic fdio outage on weekend
15:18:55 <alagalah> #action Erin (no IRC) to ask LF representative to be on the VPP call every week
15:19:20 <alagalah> #info DaveBarach infra had a block storage failure and recovery took >24 hours (approx. 2 days) ....
15:19:39 <alagalah> #info wiki was ok, but gerrit / jenkins was down... alagalah also noted he couldn't do git pull
15:20:58 <alagalah> #info DaveBarach asks if we've ever done a DR review
15:22:01 <alagalah> #info edwarnicke believes we are back to 100% operational status post-recovery (albeit we lost historical data)
15:22:26 <alagalah> #info gerrit also was re-keyed
15:22:54 <DaveBarach> #topic keith Burns dpdk summit readout
15:24:02 <DaveBarach> #info dpdk summit excellent content, not yet online in "past events"
15:24:08 <DaveBarach> #info room packed.
15:24:47 <DaveBarach> #info SRO, over 200 participants. 50%-100% increase in attendance
15:25:28 <tfherbert1> #info 350 registrants. I think there were more then 200 attendees.
15:25:52 <DaveBarach> #info dpdk doesn't have a regular project call
15:26:34 <DaveBarach> #info Dublin event October 20-21 2016
15:27:30 <keith_wiles> #link https://dpdksummit.com/us/en/events
15:27:47 <DaveBarach> #info community discussion next week about next vpp release
15:28:13 <DaveBarach> #info dpdk cadence should be regular next year
15:28:34 <keith_wiles> #info DPDK Userspace in Dublin
15:29:08 <DaveBarach> #info given the next dpdk release date, we may need to rethink release cadence - lots of stuff in vhost user, etc.
15:30:53 <keith_wiles> #link http://dpdk.org/dev/roadmap
15:31:03 <DaveBarach> #info dwallace asks about CSIT coordination w/ dpdk
15:31:04 <keith_wiles> #info Roadmap for DPDK
15:31:48 <keith_wiles> #info the roadmap will be update soon to the latest via dev@dpdk.org list and this page
15:32:40 <tfherbert1> #info, there is bad link on fd.io main page. I reported this on discuss. Who maintains site?
15:33:27 <edwarnicke> tfherbert1: Which link?
15:34:01 <DaveBarach> #topic no TWS call today
15:34:19 <DaveBarach> #topic 16.09 release plan
15:34:53 <tfherbert1> edwarnicke: I am looking. I reported it in email last month.
15:34:59 <edwarnicke> Ack
15:35:09 <edwarnicke> tfherbert1: Probably best to report that to helpdesk@fd.io :)
15:35:29 <tfherbert1> edwarnicke: K
15:36:46 <tfherbert1> edwarnicke: done
15:37:17 <DaveBarach> #info API freeze last week, holding OK, no major issues with it
15:37:55 <DaveBarach> #info RC0 this Weds, need nexus repos for 16.09
15:38:49 <DaveBarach> #info patch to create 16.09 release binaries can actually merge now
15:39:17 <DaveBarach> #info famous last words: "Keith hopes that the actual cut will go smoothly..."
15:40:04 <tfherbert1> edwarnicke: I will update wicki with info about helpdesk? I should have known about helpdesk.
15:40:54 <DaveBarach> #info after RC0, bugs only into 16.09
15:43:03 <DaveBarach> #info need to watch out for coding style cleanups after RC0.
15:58:55 <tfherbert1> algalah: Is that list of doc tickets in show now. I can't see details.
16:00:19 <tfherbert1> #info post jira epic # about docs here in list please. Couldn't see it.
16:03:43 <DaveBarach> #endmeeting