15:04:42 <DaveBarach> #startmeeting fdio vpp
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15:06:11 <DaveBarach> #topic zoom issues with Tom H
15:09:08 <Jong> #topic CSIT - Maciek reporting
15:10:19 <tfherbert> #info Therbert
15:10:41 <DaveBarach> #info working through L2 FIB performance
15:11:27 <DaveBarach> #info 17.07, master now validating L2 performance. Results before csit call tomorrow
15:14:28 <DaveBarach> #info security groups fixes seem good, backport to 17.10 OK
15:16:21 <tfherbert> #info What is going on with meeting. My call dropped. I am trying to call in with mobile but it hangs dead.
15:16:32 <DaveBarach> #info dwallace: slow minions, L2BD delete test (make test issue)
15:16:41 <DaveBarach> tom: the meeting is working OK here...
15:17:44 <tfherbert> #info I am back in.
15:18:44 <DaveBarach> #topic container build POC
15:19:01 <DaveBarach> #info control-nodes working in the LF data center
15:19:40 <DaveBarach> #info non-voting for the moment
15:22:25 <DaveBarach> #info process steps required to turn the container POC live
15:22:43 <DaveBarach> #action Ed Kern to bring up topic at the TSC meeting thursday
15:26:22 <Jong> #topic Honeycomb - Marek reporting
15:26:42 <DaveBarach> #info memory footprint O(100)mb
15:26:42 <hbr> hey there.  does anyone has a link for a GOOD documentation (tutorial) on  Segment Routing for IPv6 with VPP, pls ?
15:27:31 <Jong> #topic ONE-LISP - Florin reporting
15:28:18 <DaveBarach> #info LISP use FIB stats to figure out if a mapping is active
15:28:32 <DaveBarach> #info working on APIs prior to the 17.01 API freeze
15:29:08 <DaveBarach> #topic TCP host stack
15:29:29 <DaveBarach> #info perf/scale improvements
15:29:51 <hbr> hey there.  does anyone has a link for a GOOD documentation (tutorial) on  Segment Routing for IPv6 with VPP, pls ? ?  any idea?
15:29:52 <DaveBarach> #info TCP output pacer draft
15:30:14 <DaveBarach> hey hbr: send me an email and I'll hook you up
15:32:08 <hbr> hey dave, thanks a lot, what is your email pls?
15:33:40 <DaveBarach> dbarach@cisco.com
15:34:11 <hbr> i'll drop you a line, it is a simple thing, but I thank you in advance.
15:34:16 <DaveBarach> #info host stack vpp comm library testing on Vagrant
15:34:32 <DaveBarach> #info recipe / patches to be pushed in next few days
15:35:09 <DaveBarach> #topic downstream builds w/ Tom H
15:35:51 <DaveBarach> #info need dpdk in source tarball to upstream into rel
15:36:47 <Jong> #topic VPP release 17.07.01
15:37:01 <DaveBarach> #topic 17.07 point version
15:37:15 <DaveBarach> #info 17.07.1 waiting on L2 fib perf issue resolution
15:37:28 <DaveBarach> #info ACL, LISP all OK now
15:37:54 <Jong> #topic VPP release 17.10
15:38:03 <DaveBarach> #info API freeze in 8 days
15:38:19 <DaveBarach> #info please push patches NOW, or hold them until master reopens...
15:40:59 <DaveBarach> #info some reports of zoom issues
15:42:02 <DaveBarach> #info can we disable the L2BD test to stop causing rechecks?
15:44:45 <Jong> #topic Static Analysis
15:45:35 <Jong> #info latest coverity run https://scan.coverity.com/projects/fd-io-vpp
15:47:17 <Jong> #topic Upcoming Fd.io events
15:47:44 <Jong> #topic Code Base activity
15:48:02 <Jong> #info 64 merged since 8/22, down from 107 patches merged in the previous two week period
15:48:13 <BillyM> #topic VPP-957 - RPM builds: Changes must be checked into git to be built in RPM
15:56:05 <DaveBarach> #info long discussion about how to change e.g. nr_hugepages in sysctl input file w/ rpm packaging
16:04:32 <DaveBarach> #endmeeting