14:59:24 <edwarnicke> #startmeeting vpp-dev
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15:00:13 <edwarnicke> #chair Chrisy florinc mackonstan1
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15:00:17 <edwarnicke> #chair dmarion
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15:00:29 <edwarnicke> #chair BillyM
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15:00:43 <edwarnicke> #topic Agenda Bashing
15:01:15 <edwarnicke> #chair dwallace_
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15:01:23 <dwallace_> #info Dave Wallace
15:01:39 <edwarnicke> #chair mgradzki
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15:02:57 <edwarnicke> #topic CSIT report
15:03:06 <edwarnicke> #info mackonstan1 reports CSIT 17.10 is doing well and almost on target
15:03:31 <edwarnicke> #info infrastructure work for PAL layer, and Ligato container integration are both on target
15:03:39 <edwarnicke> #info CSIT code freeze next week
15:03:56 <edwarnicke> #info CSIT to run regressions on vpp RC2 once tag is laid tomorrow
15:03:59 <edwarnicke> #undo
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15:04:10 <edwarnicke> #info CSIT to run regressions on vpp RC2 once tag is laid next week
15:05:09 <MDR> hello folks
15:06:00 <edwarnicke> #info CSIT in early discussions to get new skylakes for labs
15:06:22 <edwarnicke> #info CSIT in discussion to make use of Netgate boxes for vCPE applications
15:06:34 <edwarnicke> #info in early discussions with ARM for ARM hardware in the lab
15:07:02 <edwarnicke> #info dmarion Marvell is willing to donate Machiato (sic?) board to the lab
15:09:02 <mackonstan1> #info csit rls1710 on target
15:09:07 <edwarnicke> #topic Honeycomb
15:09:15 <edwarnicke> #info Next release planning for HC started
15:09:20 <edwarnicke> #topic LISP
15:09:43 <edwarnicke> #info merged ND termination... apart from that doing bug fixing
15:10:01 <edwarnicke> $topic Hoststack
15:10:06 <edwarnicke> #topic Hoststack
15:10:37 <edwarnicke> #info TCP work: improved preallocated segment handling including batching of SYN, SYN/ACK, and FIN retransmissions
15:11:02 <edwarnicke> #info Add option to do TCP punting
15:11:39 <edwarnicke> #info fixes for retransmitting packets
15:12:03 <edwarnicke> #topic LD_PRELOAD
15:12:16 <edwarnicke> #info Working on getting traces for istio/envoy
15:12:39 <edwarnicke> #info Initial epoll implementation, level triggered.  Patch up, just needs review/testing
15:12:48 <edwarnicke> #info Need to do readvec, writevec
15:13:36 <edwarnicke> #info Also tested VCL on multi-host configuration
15:18:41 <edwarnicke> #topic vpp packaging
15:20:08 <edwarnicke> #info tfherbert comments that dpdk will be switchign to mesos(sic?) build tools in the coming year.  May create headaches for packaging DPDK going forward.
15:22:56 <dmarion> #info http://mesonbuild.com
15:25:42 <edwarnicke> #topic 17.10 report
15:26:03 <edwarnicke> #info stable/1710 branch cut last week, appears to have gone mostly smoothly.
15:26:19 <edwarnicke> #info doc generation fixed
15:28:08 <edwarnicke> #info dmarion raises mellanox support for VPP.  Mellanox guys are working to fix external dependency issue so we can statically link the dependencies into dpdk-plugin so we can ship mellanox support by default.  dmarion suggests these should be mergable if arriving in the next few days, but defers to florinc for the final call.  florinc makes favorable noises
15:29:12 <florinc> edwarnicke: lol
15:30:32 <edwarnicke> #topic infra status
15:32:24 <edwarnicke> #info ubuntu mirror issue... vexxhost mirrors unstable, should be solved by very aggressive insistence in our images of using canonical ubuntu repos
15:49:21 <edwarnicke> #topic Alignment issues with ARM64
15:49:46 <edwarnicke> #info Besides for the fact those issues should be fixed, dmarion would like to make sure we don't break them again.
15:50:04 <edwarnicke> #info should we run verify for ARM, if so, how?  QEMU for emulation?
15:53:21 <edwarnicke> #info ARM hardware needed
16:44:15 <edwarnicke> #endmeeting