#fdio-vpp: 18.10 postmortem

Meeting started by DaveBarach at 16:30:27 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. wiki says nexus + packagecloud, but folks are discouraged from using nexus (DaveBarach, 16:31:06)
    2. fdio without release qualification would download latest + greatest, but it stopped working (DaveBarach, 16:31:56)
    3. Dave Wallace: permissions needed lots of manual management, no well-defined process (DaveBarach, 16:32:27)
    4. Only solution seemed to be to open multiple cases (DaveBarach, 16:32:45)
    5. LF guys are IRC-based, more than help ticket based (DaveBarach, 16:33:05)
    6. all of the steps in the wiki worked perfectly, BUT the back-end LF functions are manual (DaveBarach, 16:34:21)
    7. and very error-prone (DaveBarach, 16:34:26)
    8. LF lack of resources to automate the process (DaveBarach, 16:34:38)
    9. vpp release screw-ups flow downstream into Honeycomb: wrong .jar files (DaveBarach, 16:35:27)
    10. Ed Warnicke owns relationship with packagecloud, need to talk to him about key access (DaveBarach, 16:36:31)
    11. ACTION: try to eliminate single key holders across the board (DaveBarach, 16:37:39)
    12. take to TSC (DaveBarach, 16:37:47)
    13. ACTION: take short summary to the TSC (DaveBarach, 16:41:11)
    14. LF support based in the States, issue for release managers in different time zones (DaveBarach, 16:42:29)
    15. starting early really doesn't help (DaveBarach, 16:45:28)

Meeting ended at 16:47:59 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. try to eliminate single key holders across the board
  2. take short summary to the TSC

People present (lines said)

  1. DaveBarach (17)
  2. collabot` (3)

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