16:04:17 <DaveBarach> #startmeeting fdio-vpp
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16:04:47 <DaveBarach> #topic CSIT (Maciek)
16:05:10 <mackonstan> #info CSIT-2009 report published on 15-Oct, see announce email from me
16:06:25 <mackonstan> #info All but AMD and nat44ed test data are there
16:06:34 <mackonstan> #link https://docs.fd.io/csit/rls2009/report/
16:07:06 <mackonstan> #info Ongoing work on: nat44ed cps tunings, gso tests, geneve tests
16:08:02 <mackonstan> #info CSIT-2009 RCA update by Vratko, no big enough regressions (< -5%), spent time on some smaller regressions (l2patch, see ticket)
16:08:55 <mackonstan> #info Trending update by Vratko, one regression that's not real (introduced by nat44ed tests), side-effect of not trusting TRex when it comes to test time measurement ( <1% change)
16:09:35 <mackonstan> #info Vratko, some progressions noticed but not investigated
16:10:52 <DaveBarach> #topic Host Stack (Florin)
16:11:16 <DaveBarach> #info various cleanups, to avoid bit-rot
16:11:57 <DaveBarach> #info to improve compile time, add {tcp,udp}_packet.h vs. protocol implementation headers
16:12:45 <DaveBarach> #info per-worker cut-through sessions. Gives much improved cut-through session setup performance
16:13:28 <DaveBarach> #info host stack no longer supports legacy binary API (shared memory) connections. Security measure.
16:14:04 <DaveBarach> #info Question: why does dpdk map 128gb of memory?
16:14:23 <DaveBarach> #info Damjan talked to Anatoly (dpdk guy) yesterday about that
16:14:57 <DaveBarach> #info dpdk maps a huge chunk, then finds an appropriate boundary
16:16:04 <DaveBarach> #info host stack can trip over the dpdk etc.
16:16:55 <DaveBarach> #info vcl improved handling of out-of-order events. Small cleanups / fixes in addition.
16:17:03 <DaveBarach> #topic Docs (Ray)
16:17:36 <DaveBarach> #info Ray points to Ole... ;-)...
16:18:34 <DaveBarach> #topic Release Management (Andrew, DaveW)
16:19:31 <DaveBarach> #info 21.01 roughly 1 month to [sic] API freeze pre-throttle pull cool-down
16:19:55 <DaveBarach> #info Actual release in January, most of a month between RC1 and RC2
16:20:54 <DaveBarach> #info 20.09 one outstanding question: maintenance release 20.09.1
16:21:12 <DaveBarach> #info Any requests for the dot release? Timing?
16:22:08 <DaveBarach> #info DaveW suggests that waiting until February would be quite a while since the formal release
16:22:45 <DaveBarach> #info 19.08 Job removal in January?
16:23:10 <DaveBarach> #info Not planning to do another 19.08 point release. Revisit in December.
16:24:36 <DaveBarach> #info Cadence after 21.01: September is tricky due to summer vacation.
16:25:17 <DaveBarach> #info Possibly 21.06 and 21.10.
16:25:41 <DaveBarach> #info 22.01, etc.
16:26:01 <DaveBarach> #topic Infra Status (Dave W)
16:26:17 <DaveBarach> #info 4 [sic] emergency maintenance ops in the last month
16:26:40 <DaveBarach> #info All of the LF instances have increased in capacity
16:27:01 <DaveBarach> #info Some positive results from the exercise
16:27:23 <DaveBarach> #info Finally root-caused the multiple cherry-pick issues.
16:27:48 <DaveBarach> #info Need to reduce the Nomad cluster cleanup interval.
16:28:18 <DaveBarach> #info Docker image creation scripts merged into ci-mgmt
16:30:26 <DaveBarach> #info Centos-7 job will go away in the next release; removing from master builds later today
16:31:04 <DaveBarach> #info Debian 9 is old. Would like to switch to Debian 10 in the 21.0 time frame
16:32:47 <DaveBarach> #info DaveB reports > 20 static analysis complaints
16:33:39 <DaveBarach> #info Ray reports Intel internal discussion about moving away from Centos-7
16:33:59 <DaveBarach> #info Centos-8 patch validation online
16:38:04 <DaveBarach> #topic Kubecon (Jerome)
16:38:28 <DaveBarach> #info Presenting VPP / Calico integration at Kubecon North America
16:38:42 <DaveBarach> #info joint preso between Aloys and the Calico guys
16:39:13 <DaveBarach> #info three-way comparison between Calico/VPP, Calico/Linux and Calico/eBPF
16:39:27 <DaveBarach> #info expect recording to be available
16:40:12 <DaveBarach> #info $50 to join live
16:43:42 <DaveBarach> #endmeeting