16:06:21 <djtimoney> #startmeeting CCSDK Weekly 12/15/2017
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16:06:41 <djtimoney> #chairs djtimoney
16:08:13 <djtimoney> #topic Beijing release contents
17:03:24 <djtimoney> #info Priority for Beijing release is platform maturity.  Specific criteria and our commitments can be found in CCSDK Beijing release planning template : https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Release+Planning+Template+%3A+CCSDK+Beijing+Release
17:04:45 <djtimoney> #info Functional requirements for Beijing release also presented at ONAP developer event : https://wiki.onap.org/download/attachments/20086968/ONAP%20Beijing%20functional%20requirements%20from%20usecase%20subcommittee%20r2.xlsx?api=v2
17:05:04 <djtimoney> #info More detail to come on functional requirements
17:06:32 <djtimoney> #info Jira filter defined listing current CCSDK epics/user stories for Beijing release : https://jira.onap.org/browse/CCSDK-152?filter=10792
17:06:59 <djtimoney> #topic Beijing release schedule
17:08:10 <djtimoney> #info Reviewed Beijing release schedule presented at ONAP developer event : https://wiki.onap.org/download/attachments/3246393/ONAP-BeijingCalendarDevelopmentBestPracticesV2.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1513102092000&api=v2
17:09:08 <djtimoney> #info Dan noted that dates on schedule reflect dates of TSC review/approval of milestone. Milestone deliverables themselves must be completed 3 days earlier to permit time for review.
17:09:54 <djtimoney> #info Release planning templates for Beijing are due 1/8 - 10 days prior to M1 milestone date.  By that date, all epics for Beijing must be defined.
17:10:07 <djtimoney> #topic Beijing assignments
17:10:58 <djtimoney> #info Dan is reviewing Epics/User stories to verify that user stories can fit in single sprint.  Will create initial sprints for Beijing and ask for volunteers via onap-discuss mailing list.
17:11:22 <djtimoney> #endmeeting