17:02:30 <wking> #startmeeting 2016-06-29 discussion
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17:03:06 <RobDolinMS> wking - AFAIK, yes.
17:03:16 <wking> #chair RobDolinMS vbatts
17:03:16 <collabot`> Current chairs: RobDolinMS vbatts wking
17:03:51 <wking> with mrunalp away, who's going to chair the audio?
17:05:19 <philips> No one can hear each other, right?
17:05:31 <philips> vbatts: is at RH summit
17:05:49 <wking> philips: I can't hear anyone
17:06:47 <RobDolinMS> I just emailed caniszczyk with philips on CC
17:08:08 <philips> and.... it told me the conference is full and rejected me
17:08:32 <wking> Maybe we should skip audio and just meet on IRC ;)
17:09:27 <julz_> Sgtm
17:10:10 <RobDolinMS> tianon - are you on IRC?
17:10:30 <mikebrow> yeah uberconference is full
17:11:22 <RobDolinMS> stevvooe - are you on IRC?
17:11:27 <stevvooe> i am
17:11:40 <jlb13> philips i just dropped off, maybe you can get in now
17:11:46 <jlb13> i'll just watch irc
17:11:55 <RobDolinMS> anuthan_work - are you on IRC
17:12:11 <jlb13> he's around, wfh home right now. i'll make sure he's here
17:12:22 <stevvooe> i have no audio...
17:12:37 <philips> still full, I think we should cancel. We are wasting a lot of expensive time.
17:12:45 <stevvooe> seconded
17:12:50 <jlb13> +1
17:12:51 <philips> I will email the list
17:12:51 <RobDolinMS> I'm OK with that.
17:12:54 <mikebrow> +1
17:12:56 <stevvooe> i'll use this time to take care of action items...
17:12:57 <vishh> +1
17:13:07 <mikebrow> see you guys next week
17:13:10 <wking> #endmeeting