22:01:00 <mrunalp> #startmeeting OCI_3_8
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22:01:12 <mrunalp> #chairs vbatts wking
22:02:33 <mrunalp> #topic runtime 1.0
22:03:33 <mrunalp> vishh, Can you LGTM the runtime spec latest rc?
22:04:41 <mrunalp> crosbymichael, 2 weeks should be good
22:04:46 <mrunalp> final window for comments
22:04:56 <mrunalp> vbatts, cool with that
22:06:47 <mrunalp> vbatts, Lot of polishing
22:07:10 <mrunalp> vbatts, cyphar not around but would want to discuss image to runtime conversion
22:07:55 <mrunalp> vbatts, predictable runtime specs could be produced from the same image bundles
22:08:19 <mrunalp> stevvooe, current doc is good. We can make it non-normative.
22:08:41 <mrunalp> stevvooe, It is in danger of being over-specified
22:08:59 <mrunalp> stevvooe, mostly how to map the fields
22:09:18 <mrunalp> stevvooe, what can we do to automate the conversion and verify it
22:10:09 <mrunalp> crosbymichael, we can't overspecify things like on this system apply selinux or apparmor
22:10:29 <stevvooe> https://github.com/opencontainers/image-spec/pull/492
22:11:32 <mrunalp> vbatts, there is no guarantee that the runtime config will be the same
22:12:48 <mrunalp> crosbymichael, Most of it is process information that is stored anyways
22:12:49 <erikh> disregard that
22:12:51 <erikh> :)
22:13:22 <erikh> (for some reason my mic isn't workingO)
22:13:33 <mrunalp> stevvooe, volumes is another are that is unclear
22:13:42 <mrunalp> vbatts, Should be leave it for the next milestone
22:13:45 <mrunalp> stevvooe, agree
22:14:07 <wking> I think without some wording around the config conversion (in both directions) image configs aren't particularly useful
22:15:08 <mrunalp> stevvooe, If we make it too narrow it will be hard to target different platforms
22:15:21 <wking> you can have different conversion targets for different platforms (so image-config <-> whatever).  But image-config <-> runtime config should be well-defined
22:16:05 <mrunalp> stevvooe, That's outside the scope of the spec
22:16:31 <mrunalp> crosbymichael, It's not up to us. Users can decide what they want.
22:17:30 <erikh> I could do a bot thing
22:17:42 <mrunalp> vbatts, bots could be more helpful
22:18:08 <mrunalp> crosbymichael, docker bots does a lot of stuff like labeling, auto-assign, etc.
22:18:08 <erikh> lol
22:18:15 <duglin> need a bot to assign everything to vbatts
22:18:39 <vbatts> https://github.com/icecrime/poule
22:18:46 <vbatts> duglin: no
22:18:49 <vbatts> duglin: stahp
22:19:02 <erikh> yes I am on the call :) and I could help arnaud with any modifications necessary
22:19:11 <erikh> just gimme some requirements
22:19:26 <duglin> I gave you mine
22:19:26 <mrunalp> crosbymichael, poule has good integrations and will be  a good starting point rather than from scratch
22:19:31 <erikh> duglin: lol!
22:19:31 <vbatts> https://github.com/opencontainers/image-spec/issues/598
22:20:10 <mrunalp> vbatts, It will be good to use on various OCI projects
22:20:42 <jlbutler> as long as it has random swearing as a feature, i'll be happy
22:20:59 <crosbymichael> erikh: rate limiter
22:21:27 <erikh> ?
22:21:35 <crosbymichael> so that if people comment to much on an issue and derailing it, it limits them
22:21:38 <stevvooe> https://github.com/opencontainers/image-spec/issues/588
22:21:58 <erikh> can you mute people now?
22:22:03 <erikh> (you couldn't before)
22:22:04 <vbatts> jlbutler: i'll add the old bsd fortune
22:22:04 <crosbymichael> no
22:22:05 <mrunalp> stevvooe, cyphar had some issues with tress being processed
22:22:07 <erikh> oh lol
22:22:50 <crosbymichael> also reminder features when things are inactive for a while would be nice
22:24:21 <erikh> maybe a responder to "discuss this item" or some similar speech which would label it to be discussed/addressed at the next meeting?
22:24:31 <crosbymichael> that would be cool
22:24:38 <crosbymichael> it could build the meeting agenda for us
22:24:44 <erikh> yep
22:24:54 <mrunalp> +1
22:27:24 <vbatts> https://github.com/opencontainers/runtime-spec/pull/395
22:28:19 <vbatts> https://github.com/opencontainers/runtime-spec/pull/405
22:29:06 <stevvooe> one area we could save time on: close PRs that have had no prior discussion or issue
22:30:55 <vbatts> #help
22:31:26 <vbatts> #action send email to vm folks to join a call (intel, hypersh, vmware?)
22:31:45 <stevvooe> https://github.com/opencontainers/image-spec/pull/591 is an example: serious issue but we have an insufficient PR to capture the main problem
22:35:48 <vbatts> https://github.com/opencontainers/runtime-spec/pull/508
22:35:51 <vbatts> https://github.com/opencontainers/runtime-spec/pull/628
22:36:02 <vbatts> https://github.com/opencontainers/runtime-spec/pull/630
22:37:25 <wking> I'm for an event API ;)
22:38:08 <crosbymichael> we know
22:38:10 <crosbymichael> ;)
22:38:32 <wking> You can't add it back a higher level
22:39:21 <crosbymichael> who is "you"?  because I certainly can and have already implemented it
22:40:02 <wking> on top of a generic OCI runrime?
22:40:16 <wking> can youlink your code
22:42:07 <erikh> incapable
22:44:40 <wking> one Markdown file would be fine
22:47:40 <erikh> fwiw I found this: https://github.com/opencontainers/runtime-spec/issues/615 which is still open. Just wanted to make you all aware of it
22:48:51 <tianon> thanks erikh :)
22:49:11 <stevvooe> https://github.com/opencontainers/image-spec/pull/591
22:51:17 <vbatts> "app/org.gnome.gedit/x86_64/stable"
22:51:24 <erikh> 7:31 PST
22:52:50 <vbatts> https://github.com/opencontainers/image-spec/pull/407
23:03:10 <vbatts> #endmeeting