22:21:02 <vbatts> #startmeeting 2018-11-07
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22:21:03 <cyphar> my bouncer is down
22:21:21 <vbatts> #topic intros
22:21:28 <vbatts> #topic distribution conformance
22:21:36 <vbatts> #link https://github.com/opencontainers/distribution-spec/issues/24
22:21:47 <vbatts> #topic umoci as an OCI project
22:21:52 <vbatts> #link https://github.com/openSUSE/umoci/
22:23:00 <vbatts> #link https://github.com/opencontainers/image-tools
22:25:59 * vbatts opinion
22:26:32 <vbatts> image-tools must do "validate", everything else is nice to have
22:28:38 <vbatts> i know there has been effort by folks on image-tools, but it is not a successful tool for validation/conformance nor even unpacking or generation
22:29:15 <vbatts> vbatts: I prefer to see it merged, as that preserves the history and accomplisments of all those involved
22:29:45 <vbatts> #action cyphar to send out a thread about this
22:34:13 <vbatts> #topic getting a runc v1
22:34:31 <vbatts> #action cyphar push runc-v1 forward
22:35:06 <vbatts> cyphar: there were regressions, and a number of PRs now by akihiro, and getting that fixed and/or resolved
22:37:24 <vbatts> cyphar: folks are using 0.6.0 instead of RC releases, to avoid a pre-release...
22:38:35 <cyphar> we should just do a 1.0 release with an mvp and move on -- the release rules for OCI don't really apply to runc in any strong sense
22:39:09 <vbatts> #endmeeting