21:02:35 <vbatts> #startmeeting 2019-03-20
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21:02:56 <vbatts> oh... maybe not meetbot. Maybe just hackmd.io ...
21:03:07 <vbatts> https://hackmd.io/El8Dd2xrTlCaCG59ns5cwg?edit
21:58:01 <mikebrow> https://hackmd.io/s/BJPAUxDvV#OCI-Catalog-Listing-API---Workgroup
21:59:37 <tianon> quick quick, race to exit the meeting so you're not last don't get barraged with insane music
21:59:38 <mikebrow> love this music
21:59:55 <tianon> ... the timing on our messages couldn't have been more perfect
21:59:59 <tianon> :D
22:00:26 <mikebrow> :-) happy to oblige
22:00:54 <estesp[m]> should have made the announcement but never got a moment of free time once we got into the agenda.. but did everyone realize they were talking to a Senior Principal Engineer at Red Hat today!??! Congrats vbatts on a very well deserved promotion!
22:03:13 <tianon> moving up that chonk scale!!  OH LAWD HE COMIN
22:04:39 <vbatts> #endmeeting