13:54:01 <earrage> #startmeeting #Weekly Dovetail Meeting
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13:58:23 <georgk> earrage: wow, that´s a timely start of the meeting ;-)
13:58:27 <georgk> #info Georg Kunz
14:00:11 <xudan> #info xudan
14:00:51 <earrage> #info the GTM login is not working - can you try Xudan?
14:01:16 <earrage> #info I got locked out for trying too many times
14:02:02 <xudan> Sorry I don't have the vpn with my laptop. So I can't log in with my computer.
14:02:45 <georgk> I can try
14:02:52 <earrage> thanks georg
14:03:35 <MikaR> #info MikaR
14:04:21 <georgk> mhh, I cannot find the login info
14:04:25 <MikaR> is gotomeeting working for some one?
14:04:52 <earrage> Hi Mika, we are having GTM issues
14:05:01 <MikaR> ok
14:05:02 <earrage> The account is: account: tech-projects2@opnfv.org  password: 4opnfv-  projs2
14:21:53 <earrage> #topic ONAP VNF SDK Integration
14:23:05 <georgk> #info Moshe is presenting the plans of integration ONAP VNF SDK with Dovetail
14:23:22 <earrage> #info lifecycle and functest are two sub-projects under VNF SDK
14:35:08 <earrage> #info goal is to have a certification program for VNFs
14:41:52 <earrage> #info two classes of tests - onboarding which validates the MANO and VNF interfaces - second class is actual VNF instantiation
14:53:45 <earrage> #topic Functest E-Release Integration
14:54:34 <earrage> #info functest team has split into 7 containers for test content and 1 for REST API / TestAPI
14:56:02 <earrage> #info the REST API functest container is an all in one container
15:03:02 <earrage> #info Xudan mentioned that we can use the default Functest container rather than building a specialized one for Dovetail - new tempest custom options facilitate this
15:03:38 <earrage> #endmeeting