14:00:23 <georgk> #startmeeting Dovetail weekly meeting
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14:00:34 <georgk> #topic roll call
14:00:39 <georgk> #info Georg Kunz
14:01:28 <xudan> #info xudan
14:03:08 <georgk> #info agenda for today https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/meetings/Dovetail
14:05:07 <georgk> #topic OVP launch
14:05:55 <MikaR> #info MikaR
14:07:03 <georgk> #topic talk proposal for ONS and OpenStack
14:07:19 <eraineri> #info eraineri
14:07:41 <timirnich> #info Tim Irnich
14:09:27 <georgk> #info talk proposal for ONS has been rejected
14:09:39 <georgk> #info next up: talk proposal for Openstack
14:10:41 <georgk> #info georgk is submitting a talk proposal to OpenStack, if you are interested, please reach out
14:10:47 <georgk> #topic Euphrates release scope
14:10:55 <timirnich> Georg I'm interested to help, having audio issues
14:11:15 <timirnich> With the OpenStack talk that is
14:15:34 <georgk> timirnich: great, thanks!
14:16:41 <georgk> #info discussion about which level of detail we should apply when writing the test specs
14:17:59 <SerenaFeng> #info SerenaFeng
14:20:07 <georgk> #info earrage proposes to add more detail to test case description of SDNVPN tests https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/51621/1/docs/testing/user/testspecification/vpn/index.rst
14:21:01 <timirnich> sorry can't talk due to audio issues
14:21:34 <timirnich> my 2 cents: let's make a reasonable investment to maintain meta-information on each test in OPNFV
14:22:06 <timirnich> but focus on the tests we write ourselves as a priority, and then turn to tests we inherit
14:22:40 <timirnich> we will find our sweet spot over time based on feedback & experience
14:27:37 <georgk> timirnich: thanks for the input
14:28:29 <earrage> #link
14:29:03 <georgk> #info earrage has created a test spec generator to help us writing consistent test case specs
14:30:08 <timirnich> \me is going to IRC only
14:36:55 <georgk> #info question: does https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/DOVETAIL-597 cover the complete available test scope for a Euphrates release?
14:39:50 <georgk> #info earrage mentions that we should have a tactical release
14:40:58 <earrage> #info we will still analyze what further content can be leveraged from Functest
14:42:34 <SerenaFeng> #info Functest smoke https://github.com/opnfv/functest/blob/master/docker/smoke/testcases.yaml
14:45:48 <georgk> #topic Fraser release scope
14:46:40 <georgk> #info please create JIRA issues in https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/DOVETAIL-600 to close existing test gaps
14:47:20 <georgk> #topics exemption phase for strict API checking
14:52:43 <earrage> #info Georg - put forth proposal to allow exemption phase and clearly indicate when strict API checking is employed in results
14:56:25 <earrage> #info Eddy, Serena and Eddie support the proposal
14:57:15 <georgk> #info georgk will create a draft of the strict API checking exemption process
15:01:36 <georgk> #topic committer promotions
15:02:10 <georgk> #info georgk is suggesting to promote project members from contributor to committer
15:02:54 <georgk> #info georgk will propose a correponding patch to gerrit
15:02:57 <georgk> #endmeeting