14:00:43 <georgk1> #startmeeting weekly Dovetail meeting
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14:00:53 <georgk1> #topic roll call
14:00:57 <georgk1> #info Georg Kunz
14:01:10 <xudan> #info xudan
14:02:10 <earrage> #info earrage
14:02:39 <trevor_intel> #info Trevor Cooper
14:04:07 <georgk1> #topic ONAP Dovetail integration
14:04:52 <georgk1> #info bruce is asking how the collaboration between Dovetail and ONAP is supposed to work from a development perspective
14:07:57 <georgk1> #info we should use gerrit and JIRA as much as possible and follow the common best practices
14:08:34 <georgk1> #info trevor_intel is asking how alignment across projects is done
14:08:50 <MikaR> #info Mika Rautakumpu
14:09:08 <georgk1> #info high-level alignment will be done on LFN committee call, Dovetail can focus on getting the code in place
14:09:33 <georgk1> #topic meeting details
14:15:19 <georgk1> #info we´ll change to the Zoom call for odd hours starting next week
14:16:48 <georgk1> #topic TSC feedback on API execmption process
14:20:47 <georgk1> #info we were asked to extend the proposal with an example showing the benefit of the exemption process
14:21:09 <georgk1> #info georgk1 will reach out to certain supporters to ask for input regarding good example use cases
14:21:29 <georgk1> #topic lack of CI resources
14:23:16 <georgk1> #info due to a lack of resources Dovetail runs on master instead of stable/euphrates
14:25:06 <georgk1> #info one issue with running on master is that process names might have changed, hampering the HA test cases
14:25:22 <georgk1> #info the general workflow is still fine
14:27:08 <georgk1> #info the fraser release of Functest, Yardstick, and Bottleneck do not include many framework changes
14:30:45 <georgk1> #info we´ll move to Fraser-based deployment for CI shortly
14:30:54 <georgk1> #topic release roadmap
14:31:11 <georgk1> #info what should the release cadence of OVP and OPNFV look like?
14:33:53 <georgk1> #info: one proposal is to aim for a 6 months release cadence with a 3 months shift between releases
14:42:08 <georgk1> #info georgk1 will send the proposal to Tim and Wenjing for additional input
14:42:23 <georgk1> #info an alternative is a Euphrates release around May
14:44:18 <georgk1> #info earrage suggest a ¨less verbose¨ release in terms of marketing
14:46:20 <georgk1> #topic AOB
14:47:56 <georgk1> #info no additional items for today
14:47:59 <georgk1> #endmeeting