#opnfv-dovetail: Dovetail weekly meeting 28 Nov. 2018

Meeting started by skatsaounis at 14:02:21 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Stamatis Katsaounis (skatsaounis, 14:02:34)
    2. Panagiotis Karalis (pkaralis, 14:02:43)
    3. Georg Kunz (georgk, 14:02:53)

  1. propose to change meeting time (skatsaounis, 14:03:43)
    1. the meeting time remains the same (skatsaounis, 14:04:03)

  2. Exemption process and technical solution for Vxlan required test cases (skatsaounis, 14:04:28)
    1. Eddy Raineri (eraineri, 14:04:54)
    2. there was a cvc discussion about occasions when some testcases fail, like those containing vxlan. This may happen either because of an issue of the testcase itself, or a different implementation used by systems than the expected (skatsaounis, 14:14:49)
    3. on top of that discussion there is a need of an exemption process (skatsaounis, 14:15:20)
    4. xudan suggests that those two specific vxlan testcases could be removed as an easy and quick solution. Because noone has certified against them until today (skatsaounis, 14:22:30)
    5. it may be an easy solution but in the future the same thing can happen again. So an exemption process makes sense. (skatsaounis, 14:24:05)
    6. eraineri suggests that the dovetail could run on already certified platforms in jenkins processes to identify problems like these in an earlier state (skatsaounis, 14:26:49)

  3. Plugfest plan (skatsaounis, 14:38:46)
    1. from the previous topic: the final decision is to make these vxlan testcases optional (skatsaounis, 14:58:57)
    2. ACTION: xudan will create a patch to implement this decision (skatsaounis, 14:59:42)

Meeting ended at 15:00:51 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. xudan will create a patch to implement this decision

People present (lines said)

  1. skatsaounis (14)
  2. collabot` (3)
  3. georgk (1)
  4. pkaralis (1)
  5. eraineri (1)

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