13:04:02 <xudan__> #startmeeting dovetail weekly meeting
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13:04:10 <xudan__> #chair skatsaounis
13:04:10 <collabot`> Current chairs: skatsaounis xudan__
13:04:22 <skatsaounis> #info Stamatis Katsaounis
13:04:36 <pkaralis> #info Panagiotis Karalis
13:19:23 <skatsaounis> #topic change weekly meeting time
13:19:59 <skatsaounis> #info xudan__ proposes to change the meeting time to 15:00 UTC
13:20:49 <georgk> #info Georg Kunz
13:21:37 <skatsaounis> #info xudan__ proposes to change the meeting time from 14:00 UTC to 13:00 UTC
13:22:29 <skatsaounis> #info the dovetail meeting time from now on is going to happen at 13:00 UTC
13:24:01 <skatsaounis> #topic Review patch on stress test case
13:29:31 <skatsaounis> #info this patch is going to be used only for fraser. For gambia a patch is going to happen to bottlenecks itself
13:31:13 <xudan__> ENEA
13:32:53 <skatsaounis> #topic Review patch of Yardstick HA update
13:34:03 <skatsaounis> #info this patch moves sla check from mandatory to ptional
13:34:39 <skatsaounis> #info this patch needs to be checked in an affected environment from that issue
13:35:10 <skatsaounis> # topic Review JIRA about updating portal
13:35:15 <skatsaounis> #topic Review JIRA about updating portal
13:38:17 <skatsaounis> #info pkaralis created this ticket and patch to add some of the improvements proposed to onap demo into the ovp portal
13:54:21 <skatsaounis> #topic AOB
13:55:26 <skatsaounis> #info tomorrow me and pkaralis are going to participate in a talk for the onap portal with Brandon from LF marketing
13:56:40 <skatsaounis> #info georgk mentions the need for a discussion about which test cases are going to be added or removed from the next dovetail release
14:00:02 <xudan__> 688895398
14:00:06 <skatsaounis> #endmeeting