13:01:45 <xudan__> #startmeeting dovetail weekly meeting
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13:01:56 <xudan__> #topic roll call
13:02:00 <xudan__> #info xudan
13:02:09 <georgk> #info Georg Kunz
13:04:08 <pkaralis> #info Panagiotis Karalis
13:06:07 <xudan__> #topic Proposal to cancel next weekly meeting
13:06:38 <xudan__> #info if there is no objection, next weekly meeting will be canceled since the holiday in China and Greece
13:08:50 <xudan__> #topic Continue reviewing the 2 portals development
13:10:41 <xudan__> #info there is a problem on the 'Not Passed' page
13:43:48 <xudan__> #info there is a issue that the applications are removed from the db in some special cases
13:43:58 <xudan__> action pkaralis and xudan will find out the reason
13:44:30 <pkaralis> xudan__, Can you send me your results that you used when the problem with 'NOT Passed' via email? Just to use the same results for the fault reproduction.
13:45:27 <pkaralis> xudan__, is there any ticket open related to this?
13:45:32 <xudan__> pkaralis: I don't have it now. It's an old one several months ago
13:46:03 <pkaralis> xudan__, ok, no problem
13:46:41 <xudan__> I can share the results with you with portal https://nfvi-verified.lfnetworking.org/#/, is it ok?
13:48:00 <xudan__> #info pkaralis will check the security gap issue and then discuss it with CVC and Trevor to find a solution.
13:48:46 <xudan__> #info current patch which updates the nfvi portal and fixes some bugs can be merged before that when it's verified totally.
13:48:51 <xudan__> #endmeeting