23:30:53 <n0ano> #startmeeting Weekly
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23:32:59 <n0ano> #topic milestone D planning
23:37:28 <n0ano> The B release milestone plan is located at:  https://wiki.opnfv.org/releases/brahmaputra/release_plan
23:38:05 <n0ano> #topic git tree rebase
23:38:16 <iben> #info Iben Rodriguez
23:38:22 <iben> are we info’ing in?
23:38:44 <iben> I’m here - but on a plane - so not able to participate too much.
23:39:00 <n0ano> iben, feel free, we're a little loose on that
23:40:40 <n0ano> you can info in or not as you prefer
23:43:04 <MR_Sandvine> #info Manuel R
23:52:18 <n0ano> git tree rebase - Jose has done it to 4.1.5
23:52:25 <n0ano> upstream is now at 4.1.7 should we rebase to that
23:52:30 <n0ano> yes, especially since there are not changes to the
23:52:34 <n0ano> tree right now
23:52:39 <n0ano> Jose will abandon the current patch set and
23:52:44 <n0ano> rebase directly to 4.1.7
23:53:01 <n0ano> #opens
23:53:19 <n0ano> Yunhong is getting different results from different
23:53:31 <n0ano> machines and is looking into why the large differences
23:53:47 <n0ano> Ask him to post his raw results to the mailing list so everyone can
23:53:51 <n0ano> see what's happening.
23:54:01 <n0ano> When he identifies what the issue is he can update the
23:54:13 <n0ano> wiki page with the final results but make sure everyone
23:54:22 <n0ano> knows what's happening as soon as possible.
23:54:41 <n0ano> Installer - we want to integrate into Genesis, the
23:54:46 <n0ano> installation project.
23:55:03 <n0ano> We will need to create a Genesis plugin for our KVM kernel for this
23:55:19 <n0ano> Yunhong will update the project task etherpad with the Genesis plusing
23:55:32 <n0ano> as a task, then we need someone to take ownership of this task.
23:55:55 <n0ano> Yunhong will also send an email to the list pointing people to the Jira
23:56:00 <n0ano> discussion about this issue.
23:56:18 <n0ano> Patch review - everyone needs to do this, we are starting
23:56:30 <n0ano> to post patches (there are a couple of scripts out there now)
23:56:41 <n0ano> and they have to be reviewed before they and be pushed into the
23:56:46 <n0ano> tree
23:56:59 <n0ano> #endmeeging
23:57:04 <n0ano> #endmeeting