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14:44:55 <n0ano> #topic jira
14:45:01 <n0ano> Jose looking for clarification on jira-kvm-5.  Looking for what
14:45:08 <n0ano> conditions we are taking measurements, e.g. what are the BIOS settings,
14:45:08 <n0ano> what are the HW configuration.  Note that SMI is a critical issue
14:45:22 <n0ano> that should be explicitly brought out.  Jose will setup an etherpad
14:45:23 <n0ano> to track what these configurations are and link it into the Jira.
14:45:23 <n0ano> Jose & Junhong working closely on setting up the baseline measurements.
14:45:48 <n0ano> there are 22 jira tasks open but only 4 have been assigned
14:46:33 <n0ano> note that we don't have a project dictator assigning tasks
14:46:49 <n0ano> everyone needs to look at the jira tasks, see which ones you are
14:47:03 <n0ano> interested in and self assign tasks to yourself
14:47:25 <n0ano> everyone please review the open task and grab some, this is
14:47:37 <n0ano> how we make sure everything is being covered in our project
14:47:45 <n0ano> #topic opens
14:47:53 <n0ano> Yunhong setup an etherpad with some baseline measurments of performance
14:47:54 <n0ano> the current measurements are on an idle system.  Jose will be setting
14:47:54 <n0ano> up a system with some DPDK packet processing going on in the host
14:47:54 <n0ano> would be good make sure you update the etherpad with info on
14:47:54 <n0ano> any workload that you are running.
14:48:02 <n0ano> #endmeeting