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23:30:04 <n0ano> #info n0ano
00:03:14 <n0ano> #topic Design Summit
00:03:14 <n0ano> Note that the Summit is only 2 weeks away (Nov 9).  We have a project
00:03:14 <n0ano> session on KVM for NFV and Yunhong has a demo session on RT kernel.
00:03:14 <n0ano> We should focus the summit session on what we want to accomplish
00:03:14 <n0ano> for the C release so everyone start thinking about when the want
00:03:15 <n0ano> to discuss in that area.
00:03:17 <n0ano> Note that Don D. was not able to access the summit detailed schedule
00:03:19 <n0ano> page (login failure issues), he has sent an email to support.
00:03:21 <n0ano> #topic workload testing
00:03:25 <n0ano> running for two hrs and 12 hrs, yes we should publish the results
00:03:27 <n0ano> for both 2 & 12 hrs, be interesting to see what the difference between
00:03:29 <n0ano> the two are.  Hard to publish this data on the etherpad, need to
00:03:31 <n0ano> put this tabular kind of data into a wiki page.
00:03:33 <n0ano> #topic email on vCPU
00:03:35 <n0ano> Junhong send out an email and is hoping to get a reply back with
00:03:37 <n0ano> people's thoughts on vCPU pre-emption period.
00:03:39 <n0ano> #topic update the kernel to 4.1.10
00:03:41 <n0ano> yes we can push this change but even if there are no paches creating
00:03:43 <n0ano> conflicts updating the kernel will require re-running any performance
00:03:45 <n0ano> benchmarks so let's not try and update the kernel
00:03:47 <n0ano> after this, we will stay with this kernel through the B release.
00:03:49 <n0ano> On second thought, Yunhong will be out next week so this might be
00:03:51 <n0ano> a problem, he will post a review (+1 or -1) on whether we can update
00:03:55 <n0ano> the kernel without impacting the performance measurements too much.
00:03:57 <n0ano> #topic another requirements etherpad
00:03:59 <n0ano> Jose will be creating another etherpad with requirements and providing
00:04:01 <n0ano> a link to it.
00:04:09 <n0ano> #endmeeting