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00:48:58 <n0ano> #topic milestones
00:48:59 <n0ano> Milestone D (all API frozen) was this week, 12/1.  Don D. updated
00:48:59 <n0ano> our project status to indicate we have met this milestone.
00:48:59 <n0ano> The next milestone is E (code freeze) on 1/5/16, this is the significant
00:48:59 <n0ano> one and it is coming up soon.  Note there's only 4 week and we have
00:48:59 <n0ano> major holidays in the US so not much engineering time.
00:49:01 <n0ano> All our changes need to be pushed into the tree by this time so do
00:49:03 <n0ano> those reviews and let's get our code ready.
00:49:07 <n0ano> #topic opens
00:49:09 <n0ano> Performance testing using DPDK showing the numbers in good shape.
00:49:11 <n0ano> Latency of 1-2 nsec but they seem to be correct, the maximum
00:49:13 <n0ano> is the only number growing but is acceptable.
00:49:15 <n0ano> Jose will send an email to the dev mailing list showing the good results.
00:49:17 <n0ano> Yardstick - Yunhong had a talk with them to see how they are doing
00:49:19 <n0ano> testing, talking to a Huawei engineer to see what they are doing.
00:49:21 <n0ano> Hoping to get the code done before Mileston E.
00:49:23 <n0ano> Max pre-emption - have a test using ftrace to instrument the KVM
00:49:25 <n0ano> driver and check pre-emption time.
00:49:27 <n0ano> #endmeeting