00:29:31 <n0ano> #startmeeting weekly
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00:32:59 <yjiang5> n0ano: failed to dial into the meeting
00:33:24 <n0ano> yjiang5, odd, I & Jose are in, can you try again
00:33:38 <yjiang5> sure
00:35:56 <yjiang5> n0ano: dial into the meeting, not with the goto meeting.
00:51:44 <n0ano> #topic code freeze
00:51:44 <n0ano> Freeze is 1/5/16, so not much time to make anymore changes.
00:51:44 <n0ano> Can't add code to improve latency or somthing like that but
00:51:45 <n0ano> we can push code that fixes a problem (fix an issue that
00:51:45 <n0ano> occurs after a 10 hr regression for example).
00:51:45 <n0ano> #topic fuel integration
00:51:47 <n0ano> Plugins have been created, just need to do some testing but
00:51:49 <n0ano> we should be in good shape.
00:51:51 <n0ano> #topic yardstick
00:51:53 <n0ano> Yunhong has posted a patch to gerrit, working with the team
00:51:55 <n0ano> to get a test bed for it.  One issue is we need to run our
00:51:57 <n0ano> tests for a long time, talking to the Pharos team about that.
00:51:59 <n0ano> #topic holiday schedule
00:52:01 <n0ano> Cancel the next 2 meetings, start up again on 1/7.
00:52:03 <n0ano> #topic opens
00:52:05 <n0ano> We have close to 10 patches that need a review, please
00:52:07 <n0ano> everyone try and review the outstanding patches.
00:52:11 <n0ano> Jose posted a second version of his patch, please
00:52:13 <n0ano> review.
00:52:15 <n0ano> Jira - please update Jira entries as your patches
00:52:17 <n0ano> get merged, note that the author of the patch is the one
00:52:19 <n0ano> who should update the Jira entry.
00:52:31 <n0ano> #endmeeting