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15:31:22 <n0ano> #topic Milestone E
15:31:23 <n0ano> Code freeze.  Did Yunhong get all his patches in, if not there is
15:31:23 <n0ano> an exception process so we can get critical patches in if needed.
15:31:23 <n0ano> Note that there is a testing gap, our test bed in Pharos isn't
15:31:23 <n0ano> even up yet but we're pushing code, this is a gap that needs to
15:31:23 <n0ano> be brought up in the Pharos or Yardstick meeting.  Yunhong should
15:31:27 <n0ano> be attending these meetings.  Documentation is a bit of a gap,
15:31:29 <n0ano> we need to look into how out real time specific info is desseminated.
15:31:31 <n0ano> The Jira tickets need to be closed out so everyone please do,
15:31:33 <n0ano> Raghu will send an email to the mailing list to clean up those tickets.
15:31:35 <n0ano> #topic Fuel integration
15:31:37 <n0ano> Kind of a bigger topic in that the issue is that Fuel at the last
15:31:39 <n0ano> minute dropped support for Centos so we have no way to install our
15:31:41 <n0ano> KVM kernel on anything but Ubuntu, not a good situation.  If Fuel
15:31:43 <n0ano> adds Centos back in for the C release then we are OK but, if not,
15:31:45 <n0ano> we'll have to either move our installer work to a different project,
15:31:47 <n0ano> dropping support for Fuel, or we'll have to double our work and add
15:31:49 <n0ano> KVM kernel support to Compass or Apex in addition to Fuel.
15:31:51 <n0ano> Also, Don D. has tested the Fuel installation for the B release
15:31:53 <n0ano> (it does work with Jose's fix) but it would be good to get other
15:31:57 <n0ano> people to try it out, more testing is good.
15:31:59 <n0ano> #topic C release planning
15:32:01 <n0ano> Obvious tasks for C is to update our base kernel to the most recent
15:32:03 <n0ano> RT linux and resolve the installer.  Let's all think about what other
15:32:05 <n0ano> tasks we want to accomplish during the next release cycle.
15:32:07 <n0ano> #topic opens
15:32:09 <n0ano> Nokia has been doing some work with an alternative installer, Jose
15:32:11 <n0ano> will see about connecting him to Don D.
15:32:18 <n0ano> #endmeeting