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01:02:29 <n0ano> #topic Bramahputra release (2/2)
01:02:29 <n0ano> In good shape, our changes have been pushed in time to make the B branch
01:02:29 <n0ano> that has been created.  We do have 2 outstanding issues - documentation
01:02:29 <n0ano> and OVS.  We have doc in Wiki pages the the OPNFV project requires
01:02:29 <n0ano> formatted doc files, not wiki pages.  Yunhong has posted preliminary
01:02:29 <n0ano> doc files to gerrit - everyone needs to review these.
01:02:31 <n0ano> Turns out OVS does not work with our KVM kernel, probably because it
01:02:33 <n0ano> has kernel modules that are not part of our release.  Don D. is working
01:02:35 <n0ano> on changing the Fuel plugin creating scripts to also create OVS
01:02:37 <n0ano> kernel modules that are compiled for our KVM tree.  Don't know if that
01:02:39 <n0ano> can be done by the hard cutoff date of next Tues. but it should be
01:02:41 <n0ano> possible to at least get this done in time for the SR1 release of
01:02:43 <n0ano> Brahmaputra.
01:02:45 <n0ano> #topic C release planning
01:02:47 <n0ano> The C release tree is open for business.  Now is the time to update our
01:02:51 <n0ano> tree to the latest RT.
01:02:53 <n0ano> Topics for next week are which distro, which installer, which version of RT.
01:02:55 <n0ano> #topic opens
01:02:57 <n0ano> Everybody please review the documentation patches that have been posted
01:02:59 <n0ano> on gerrit.
01:03:01 <n0ano> L2 forwarding - on B release we concentrated on just latency, for C release
01:03:03 <n0ano> we can look into what is required for L2 forwarding.
01:03:09 <n0ano> #endmeeting