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00:32:03 <n0ano> #topic B Release status
00:38:46 <jpekkari> Hello, I'm not sure if I'm audible right now
00:39:05 <n0ano> jpekkari, nope, no audio from you at all
00:39:37 <jpekkari> Ok I wanted to say that there is a mail in the mailing list for the kernel version
00:40:55 <n0ano> jpekkari, good point, I mentioned this
00:41:04 <jpekkari> Thanks!
00:41:39 <n0ano> it's all good (but you need to look at your mic, totally silent)
00:48:16 <n0ano> Release has been pushed out a bit, the real freeze date is tomorrow.
00:48:16 <n0ano> This is good as we've discovered that our KVM kernel is missing some
00:48:16 <n0ano> kernel modules needed by OpenVswitch.  n0ano has been working on
00:48:16 <n0ano> identifying those modules and creating a script that is used by Fuel
00:48:16 <n0ano> to create the KVM kernel with the extra modules added.  Last version
00:48:17 <n0ano> of the script created last night, waiting for testing results but,
00:48:19 <n0ano> hopefully, that will get things working.
00:48:21 <n0ano> #topic C release planning
00:48:23 <n0ano> About which releases to support, n0ano is of the opionion that we are
00:48:25 <n0ano> creating a reference kernel and we will make sure that that reference
00:48:27 <n0ano> works with the Ubuntu & Centos distributions supported by the OPNFV
00:48:29 <n0ano> project.  Beyond that, distro providers can take our kernel and apply
00:48:31 <n0ano> it to Debian or Fedora or RHEL ore SuSE or ...  Not our job to create
00:48:33 <n0ano> a kernel for every distribution out ther.
00:48:35 <n0ano> Also, jpekkari has started a thread on the mailing list about which
00:48:39 <n0ano> Linux version we should provide for the C release.  Highly recommend
00:48:41 <n0ano> that everyone respond to that thread and give your opionion on this
00:48:43 <n0ano> issue, the more activity we create on the mailing list the better.
00:48:45 <n0ano> #topic opens
00:48:47 <n0ano> Richard (Huawei) joined the meeting for the first time (Welcome) and
00:48:49 <n0ano> will be looking into live migration issues, one of the 3 key features
00:48:51 <n0ano> we want to address with the KVM project.
01:51:11 <n0ano_> #endmeeting