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15:31:02 <n0ano> #topic B release
15:31:02 <n0ano> Don D. succeeded is finding all the missing kernel config options so that
15:31:02 <n0ano> our KVM kernel now works properly with OVS.  Even better those changes
15:31:02 <n0ano> were found in time to get the working kernel included in the initial
15:31:02 <n0ano> Brahmaputra release, we don't even need to wait for an SR1 update.
15:31:03 <n0ano> #topic C release planning
15:31:07 <n0ano> Jose P. has started some good threads on the ML, let's keep discussion going
15:31:09 <n0ano> on there.  Important one is what should we use as a base for our C release
15:31:11 <n0ano> kernel?  Try and come to a decision on the list by next week's meeting.
15:31:13 <n0ano> (I prefer to not make decisions on the phone call, the ML is better for
15:31:15 <n0ano> that.)
15:31:17 <n0ano> Also, we need to come to a decision about which installers to support.
15:31:19 <n0ano> Don D. would prefer to have the KVM group only support one or maybe
15:31:21 <n0ano> two installers, others can add KVM support to other installers if they
15:31:23 <n0ano> wish.  We chose Fuel partly because originally it was going to support
15:31:25 <n0ano> both Ubuntu and Centos, Don D. was `very` displeased when the Fuel team
15:31:27 <n0ano> decided to drop support for Centos 2 months before the release.  If
15:31:29 <n0ano> Fuel adds Centos support for the C release we can just continue using
15:31:31 <n0ano> Fuel, otherwise we'll need to consider moving to something like Apex
15:31:33 <n0ano> (but we need to confirm that Apex supports both Centos & Ubuntu).
15:31:37 <n0ano> #endmeeting