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00:38:44 <yjiang5> n0ano: hi
00:38:49 <yjiang5> do we have meeting today?
00:39:13 <n0ano> yjiang5, it was just Jose and I, nothing really to report except the Fuel hicup
00:39:17 <n0ano> so we ended early
00:39:23 <yjiang5> n0ano: I saw you and jpekkari on the attendee list
00:39:41 <n0ano> yeah, I was just about to close the meeting when you got in
00:39:49 <yjiang5> jpekkari: n0ano: I was late because was on debugging.
00:40:09 <n0ano> yjiang5, good excuse, that's what I like to hear :-)
00:40:34 <yjiang5> jpekkari: n0ano: some update is, we are working on the workload setup. We will publish the base liine date for the SRIOV guest.
00:40:46 <yjiang5> n0ano: so will drop also.
00:41:02 <n0ano> yjiang5, sounds good, will be interested to see the data.
00:42:46 <n0ano> #topic B release
00:42:47 <n0ano> Another firestorm came up, our Fuel plugin was set for a simple installation
00:42:47 <n0ano> and Jonas tried to use our kernel with Ceph as the storage backend and
00:42:47 <n0ano> it failed.  He retried with ephemeral storage (no Ceph) and everything
00:42:47 <n0ano> works fine so that's the config we'll support for the B release.
00:42:47 <n0ano> Don D. thinks he knows what the Ceph problem is, we are missing the
00:42:49 <n0ano> RBD kernel driver, just waiting for some more detailed debug issue to make
00:42:51 <n0ano> sure that is the only problem.
00:43:06 <n0ano> #topic opens
00:43:12 <yjiang5> Do you want to try another config file?
00:43:37 <n0ano> yjiang5, no, we're bottoming out on the issues, I think it's under control
00:43:47 <yjiang5> n0ano: good to know that.
00:44:43 <n0ano> Jose noted that there's not much activity on the mailing list, Don D. suggested
00:45:07 <n0ano> that we re-ping the list next week (Chinese New Year this week is probably impacting things).
00:45:13 <n0ano> Jose agreed to do that.
00:45:43 <yjiang5> n0ano: Not active on the list recently because environment setup, fixing one bug etc.
00:46:07 <yjiang5> n0ano: will be back there soon.
00:46:07 <n0ano> yjiang5, NP but feel free to reply to the list when you have the time
00:46:13 <yjiang5> n0ano: sure
00:46:48 <n0ano> #endmeeting