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15:32:22 <n0ano> #topic B release
15:32:22 <n0ano> Although the KVM Fuel plugin is installing properly there is a failure
15:32:22 <n0ano> with the Yardstick test.  An Intel engineer is trying to reproduce
15:32:22 <n0ano> the issue at which point is should be simple to identify what is wrong,
15:32:22 <n0ano> undoubtedly it is just a missing kernel module.  Yunhong has experience
15:32:23 <n0ano> with Yardstick, it's even working for his KVM tests, so he will reach
15:32:25 <n0ano> out and help duplicate the problem.
15:32:27 <n0ano> #topic C release installer options
15:32:29 <n0ano> Looks like Compass will support both Ubuntu & Centos so, given the lack
15:32:31 <n0ano> of Centos support by Fuel, the concensus on the call is that we move
15:32:33 <n0ano> our installer efforts to Compass.  If others want to add KVM support to
15:32:35 <n0ano> other installers (Apex comes to mind) we'll be delighted to help but our
15:32:37 <n0ano> efforts will be focused on Compass.  Turns out Compass uses Ansible and
15:32:43 <n0ano> Jose has some experience with Ansible so Jose has just become our
15:32:43 <n0ano> goto guy for installers (sorry Jose, you volunteered :-)
15:32:43 <n0ano> #topic opens
15:32:45 <n0ano> Got a test bed machine, Intel POD 2 with a jump server and 2 compute nodes.
15:32:47 <n0ano> Coordinate access to this POD through Yunhong.
15:32:49 <n0ano> We've gotten a handful of +1s to promote Jose to committeed and
15:32:51 <n0ano> no -1s so Don will wait until this afternoon for any other votes and,
15:32:53 <n0ano> assuming no -1s come in, do the work to actually promote him - well
15:32:55 <n0ano> done Jose!
15:32:59 <n0ano> Also, Yang Zhang is a committer who left the OPNFV project and has been
15:33:01 <n0ano> inactive.  Don reached out and got a confirmation from him that he
15:33:03 <n0ano> would not be working on the KVM sub-project so Don will start the process
15:33:05 <n0ano> to officially remove him.
15:33:07 <n0ano> #endmeeting