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01:07:59 <n0ano> #topic B Release
01:08:00 <n0ano> Good news is that Brahmaputra will be released tomorrow, 2/26, and the
01:08:00 <n0ano> KVM Fuel plugin will be in that release.  Bad news is there are significant
01:08:00 <n0ano> bugs in that plugin that won't be corrected until the SR1 release in late
01:08:00 <n0ano> March.  We have fixed the known bugs but didn't discover the fixes until
01:08:00 <n0ano> 2 days ago, too late to make the first B release.  Note that the bugs
01:08:02 <n0ano> have not been in the KVM kernel code but rather the fact that our default
01:08:04 <n0ano> real time configuration didn't include all of the kernel modules (like
01:08:06 <n0ano> some network filters modules) that the rest of the OPNFV system was
01:08:08 <n0ano> depending upon.
01:08:10 <n0ano> #topic C release
01:08:12 <n0ano> We need to control our own destiny better and make sure that the KVM team
01:08:14 <n0ano> is responsible for installer support and basic testing (testing meaning
01:08:16 <n0ano> running Yardstick).  This will just be more work for the C release but
01:08:18 <n0ano> we really need to plan for this.
01:08:20 <n0ano> Looks like the installer issue is still open.  Don D. is of the opinion
01:08:22 <n0ano> that we have to be able to install on both Ubuntu and Centos, there's not
01:08:24 <n0ano> community requirement per se but it shouldn't be OPNFV's job to pick
01:08:28 <n0ano> distro winners/losers so we should be able to handle both major flavors
01:08:30 <n0ano> (deb & rpm).  If Fuel decides to add support for Centos (Intel is checking
01:08:32 <n0ano> to see if that is possible) we can stay with Fuel, otherwise we need to
01:08:34 <n0ano> consider supporting Fuel and (being run by RedHat it will certainly support
01:08:36 <n0ano> rpm based systems).  Alternatively, we can drop Fuel support and move
01:08:38 <n0ano> to Compass which is claiming both Ubuntu and Centos support.
01:08:40 <n0ano> Jose has some experience on Ansible which is what Compass is based upon, he
01:08:42 <n0ano> is doing some research in this area.
01:08:44 <n0ano> #topic Opens
01:08:46 <n0ano> Jose has been looking into upgrading to qemu 2.5, encountered some issues
01:08:48 <n0ano> that should be easy to solve.
01:08:50 <n0ano> #topic PTL changes
01:08:52 <n0ano> Don Dugger will be retiring in a month so will be stepping down from
01:08:54 <n0ano> his PTL responsibilities.  He might stay on and continue as a committer
01:08:58 <n0ano> but feels someone else should talk on the PTL role.  We've got a month
01:09:00 <n0ano> to think about this, and Raghu has volunteer take on this role, but w
01:09:20 <n0ano> #endmeeting